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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-May-2008A lungless frog discovered on BorneoBickford, D. ; Iskandar, D.; Barlian, A.
Oct-2012A new egg-guarding species of Oreophryne (Amphibia, Anura, Microhylidae) from southern Papua New GuineaGünther, R.; Richards, S.J.; Bickford, D. ; Johnston, G.R.
31-Aug-2011A new Ingerana (Anura, Dicroglossidae) with no external tympanum from Borneo, IndonesiaIskandar, D.T.; Bickford, D.P. ; Arifin, U.
Jun-2008A new species of bent-toe gecko (Gekkonidae: Cyrtodactylus) from Sulawesi Island, Eastern IndonesiaLinkem, C.W.; McGuire, J.A.; Hayden, C.J.; Setiadi, M.I.; Bickford, D.P. ; Brown, R.M.
Dec-2012Amphibian pathogens in southeast asian frog tradeGilbert, M.; Bickford, D. ; Clark, L.; Johnson, A.; Joyner, P.H.; Ogg Keatts, L.; Khammavong, K.; Nguyě̃n Vǎn, L.; Newton, A.; Seow, T.P.W.; Roberton, S.; Silithammavong, S.; Singhalath, S.; Yang, A.; Seimon, T.A.
2010An ancient origin for the enigmatic flat-headed frogs (Bombinatoridae: Barbourula) from the Islands of Southeast AsiaBlackburn, D.C.; Bickford, D.P. ; Diesmos, A.C.; Iskandar, D.T.; Brown, R.M.
31-Aug-2010An examination of call and genetic variation in three wide-ranging Southeast Asian anuran speciesSheridan, J.A.; Bickford, D. ; Su, K.F.-Y.
19-Jan-2012Asian medicine: Small species at riskNijman, V.; Nekaris, K.A.-I.; Bickford, D.P. 
2015Assessing species vulnerability to climate changePacifici M; Foden W.B; Visconti P; Watson J.E.M; Butchart S.H.M; Kovacs K.M; Scheffers B.R; Hole D.G; Martin T.G; Akcakaya H.R; Corlett R.T; Huntley B; Bickford D ; Carr J.A; Hoffmann A.A; Midgley G.F; Pearce-Kelly P; Pearson R.G; Williams S.E; Willis S.G; Young B; Rondinini C.
24-Dec-2010Boosting CITESPhelps, J.; Webb, E.L. ; Bickford, D. ; Nijman, V.; Sodhi, N.S. 
18-Feb-2011Boosting CITES through research: ResponseBickford, D. ; Phelps, J.; Webb, E.L. ; Nijman, V.; Sodhi, N.S. 
Sep-2007Can YouTube save the planet?Clements, R. ; Bickford, D. ; Lohman, D.J. 
Nov-2011Climate change responses: Forgetting frogs, ferns and flies?Bickford, D.P. ; Sheridan, J.A.; Howard, S.D.
22-Mar-2012Conservation: Work together to crack wildlife tradePhelps, J.; Bickford, D.P. ; Webb, E.L. 
Mar-2007Cryptic species as a window on diversity and conservationBickford, D. ; Lohman, D.J. ; Sodhi, N.S. ; Ng, P.K.L. ; Meier, R. ; Winker, K.; Ingram, K.K.; Das, I.
28-Aug-2018Data from: Pythons, parasites and pests: anthropogenic impacts on Sarcocystis (Sarcocystidae) transmission in a multi-host systemDevan-Song, Anne; Luz, Sonja; Mathew, Abraham; Low, Mary-Ruth ; Bickford, David Patrick 
Aug-2009Eating frogs to extinctionWarkentin, I.G.; Bickford, D. ; Sodhi, N.S. ; Bradshaw, C.J.A.
20-Apr-2007Environment. The burning issue.Lohman, D.J. ; Bickford, D. ; Sodhi, N.S. 
2007Expression pattern of three-finger toxin and phospholipase A2 genes in the venom glands of two sea snakes, Lapemis curtus and Acalyptophis peronii: Comparison of evolution of these toxins in land snakes, sea kraits and sea snakesPahari, S. ; Bickford, D. ; Fry, B.G. ; Kini, R.M. 
Jan-2010Forest fragment and breeding habitat characteristics explain frog diversity and abundance in SingaporeBickford, D. ; Ng, T.H.; Qie, L.; Kudavidanage, E.P.; Bradshaw, C.J.A.