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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A MEMS-based 3-D movable metamaterialsLin, Y.-S.; Ma, F.; Lee, C. 
2011A MEMS-based piezoelectric cantilever patterned with PZT thin film array for harvesting energy from low frequency vibrationsLiu, H.; Quan, C. ; Tay, C.J. ; Kobayashi, T.; Lee, C. 
2011A MEMS-based wideband piezoelectric energy harvester system using mechanical stoppersLiu, H.; Lee, C. ; Kobayashi, T.; Tay, C.J. ; Quan, C. 
2013A multi-frequency vibration-based MEMS electromagnetic energy harvesting deviceLiu, H.; Qian, Y.; Lee, C. 
2009A nano-ring resonator based on 2-D hexagonal-lattice photonic crystalsHsiao, F.-L. ; Lee, C. 
2013A new energy harvester design for high power output at low frequenciesDhakar, L.; Liu, H.; Tay, F.E.H. ; Lee, C. 
Apr-2012A new S-shaped MEMS PZT cantilever for energy harvesting from low frequency vibrations below 30 HzLiu, H.; Lee, C. ; Kobayashi, T.; Tay, C.J. ; Quan, C. 
2011A novel micromechanical resonator using two-dimensional phononic crystal slabWang, N.; Hsiao, F.-L.; Palaniapan, M. ; Tsai, J.M.; Soon, B.W.; Kwong, D.-L.; Lee, C. 
Dec-2010A piezoelectric-driven three-dimensional MEMS VOA using attenuation mechanism with combination of rotational and translational effectsKoh, K.H.; Lee, C. ; Kobayashi, T.
Dec-2011A scrape-through piezoelectric MEMS energy harvester with frequency broadband and up-conversion behaviorsLiu, H.; Tay, C.J. ; Quan, C. ; Kobayashi, T.; Lee, C. 
2018A self-powered six-axis tactile sensor by using triboelectric mechanismChen T.; Shi Q. ; Yang Z.; Liu J.; Liu H.; Sun L.; Lee C. 
2013A three-dimensional THz metamaterials using double split-ring resonatorsLin, Y.-S.; Ma, F.; Qian, Y.; Kropelnicki, P.; Liu, Z.; Lee, C. 
2012A two-dimensional MEMS scanning mirror using hybrid actuation mechanisms with low operation voltageKoh, K.H.; Lee, C. 
2009A wideband electromagnetic energy harvester for random vibration sourcesYang, B.; Lee, C. 
2013A wideband triboelectric energy harvesterDhakar, L.; Liu, H.; Tay, F.E.H. ; Lee, C. 
2008Analysis of racetrack resonators in surface sensing applicationKargar, A.; Lee, C. 
15-Dec-2019Anomalous plasmon hybridization in nanoantennas near interfacesWei, Jingxuan ; Lee, Chengkuo 
Dec-2005Arrayed variable optical attenuator using retro-reflective MEMS mirrorsLee, C. 
2007Assembly of single cells array using image dielectrophoresisLu, Y.S.; Liang, Y.L.; Huang, Y.P.; Huang, J.Y.; Lee, C. ; Yen, J.A.
2009Bilayer graphene nanoribbon nanoelectromechanical system device: A computational studyLam, K.-T.; Lee, C. ; Liang, G.