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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Sensorized guidewires with MEMS tri-axial force sensor for minimally invasive surgical applicationsLou, L.; Ramakrishna, K.; Shao, L.; Park, W.-T.; Yu, D.; Lim, L.; Wee, Y.; Kripesh, V.; Feng, H.; Chua, B.S.Y.; Lee, C. ; Kwong, D.-L.
2008Si nanophotonics based cantilever sensorLee, C. ; Thillaigovindan, J.; Chen, C.-C.; Chen, X.T.; Chao, Y.-T.; Tao, S.; Xiang, W. ; Yu, A.; Feng, H.; Lo, G.Q.
2008Silicon beam structures comprising nanophotonics as NEMS sensorsLee, C. ; Thillaigovindan, J.; Radhakrishnan, R.; Li, J.; Balasubramanian, N.
5-Dec-2011Silicon two-dimensional phononic crystal resonators using alternate defectsWang, N.; Hsiao, F.-L. ; Palaniapan, M. ; Lee, C. 
2008Study of Ag-In solder as low temperature wafer bonding intermediate layerMade, R.I.; Gan, C.L.; Lee, C. ; Yan, L.L.; Yu, A.; Yoon, S.W.; Lau, J.H.
10-Sep-2012Study of hybrid driven micromirrors for 3-D variable optical attenuator applicationsKoh, K.H.; Soon, B.W.; Tsai, J.M.; Danner, A.J. ; Lee, C. 
Feb-2009Study of low-temperature thermocompression bonding in Ag-In solder for packaging applicationsMade, R.I.; Gan, C.L.; Yan, L.L.; Yu, A.; Yoon, S.W.; Lau, J.H.; Lee, C. 
2013Study of the wideband behavior of an in-plane electromagnetic MEMS energy harvesterLiu, H.; Qian, Y.; Wang, N.; Lee, C. 
2013Tantalum-nitride antifuse electromechanical OTP for embedded memory applicationsSingh, P.; Li, C.G.; Pitchappa, P.; Lee, C. 
15-Jul-2009The comparison between the graded photonic crystal coupler and various couplersChien, H.-T.; Lee, C. ; Chiu, H.-K.; Hsu, K.-C.; Chen, C.-C.; Ho, J.-A.A.; Chou, C.
Apr-2012The effects of interlayer mismatch on electronic properties of bilayer armchair graphene nanoribbonsQian, Y.; Lam, K.-T.; Lee, C. ; Liang, G. 
2009The role of Ni buffer layer on high yield low temperature hermetic wafer bonding using In/Sn/Cu metallizationYu, D.-Q.; Lee, C. ; Yan, L.L.; Choi, W.K.; Yu, A.; Lau, J.H.
2008The role ofni buffer layer between insn solder and eu metallization for hermetic wafer bondingYu, D.; Lee, C. ; Lau, J.H.
Nov-2009Theoretical comparison of the energy harvesting capability among various electrostatic mechanisms from structure aspectLee, C. ; Lim, Y.M.; Yang, B.; Kotlanka, R.K.; Heng, C.-H. ; He, J.H.; Tang, M.; Xie, J.; Feng, H.
2008Theoretical study of the output energy for various MEMS based electrostatic mechanismsLim, Y.M.; Yang, B.; Kotlanka, R.K.; Heng, C.H. ; Xie, J.; Tang, M.; Han, J.H.; Feng, H.; Lee, C. 
2013Thermally tunable photonic dual-disk resonator with wide operation rangeLi, B.; Ho, C.P.; Lee, C. 
2013Three-dimensional movable metamaterial using electric split-ring resonatorsLin, Y.-S.; Ma, F.; Lee, C. 
2010Torsional mirror driven by a cantilever beam integrated with 1x10 individually biased PZT array actuator for VOA applicationKoh, K.H.; Kobayashi, T.; Lee, C. 
2013Transparent force sensing arrays with low power consumption using liquid crystal arraysHuang, C.-Y.; Lou, L.; Danner, A.J. ; Lee, C. 
2013Tunable THz filter using 3-D split-ring resonatorsLin, Y.-S.; Ho, C.P.; Pitchappa, P.; Ma, F.; Qian, Y.; Kropelnicki, P.; Lee, C.