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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1992Early heat of hydration during the solidification of a metal plating sludgeHills, C.D.; Koe, L. ; Sollars, C.J.; Perry, R.
2000Evaluation of a pilot-scale bioscrubber for the removal of hydrogen sulphideKoe, L.C.C. ; Yang, F.
Jul-1990Field performance of activated carbon adsorption for sewage airKoe, Lawrence C.C. ; Tan, N.C.
1997Field performance of an odour scrubber at a sewage treatment plantKoe, Lawrence C.C. 
1990GC-MS identification of gaseous volatiles in wastewaterKoe, L.C.C. ; Tan, N.C.
Feb-1997High resolution GC - MS analysis of VOCs in wastewater and sludgeKoe, L.C.C. ; Shen, W.
Mar-1987Identification of odorous gases originating from refuse wasteKoe, L.C.C. ; Ng, W.J. 
2001Investigating the haze transport from 1997 biomass burning in Southeast Asia: Its impact upon SingaporeKoe, L.C.C. ; Arellano Jr., A.F.; McGregor, J.L.
1988Odors from dissolved air flotation processKoe, L.C.C. ; Tan, Y.G.
Dec-1990Odour generation potential of wastewatersKoe, L.C.C. ; Tan, N.C.
1989Odour source strength of a wastewater treatment plantKoe, L.C.C. 
Apr-1986Olfactory quantification of sewage odorsKoe, L.C.C. ; Brady, D.K.
1990Potential utilization of sewage sludgeAziz, M.A. ; Koe, L.C.C. 
3-Mar-1998Use of asymmetric hollow fibre modules for elimination of H2S from gas streams via a membrane absorption methodLi, K. ; Wang, D. ; Koe, C.C. ; Teo, W.K.