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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Implementing technological and pedagogical advances in very large group teachingKeng, A.K. ; Ming, W.C. ; Ridwan, M.
Feb-2002Improved computation of stress resultants in the p-Ritz methodWang, C.M. ; Wang, Y.C.; Reddy, J.N.; Thevendran, V. 
3-Jan-2017Improvement of mechanical properties by incorporating graphene oxide into cement mortarXiangyu Li; Chenyang Li; Yanming Liu; Shu Chen; C. Wang ; Jay Sanjayan; Wen Duan
1998Instability of variable arc-length elastica under follower forceWang, C.M. ; Lam, K.Y. ; He, X.Q.
Aug-1990Integrated view of methods in buckling analysisWang, C.M. ; Kitipornchai, S.
Jan-1996Large deflection of simple variable-arc-length beam subjected to a point loadChucheepsakul, S.; Thepphitak, G.; Wang, C.M. 
Jan-1997Large deflections of an end supported beam subjected to a point loadWang, C.M. ; Lam, K.Y. ; He, X.Q.; Chucheepsakul, S.
1991Large deformation analysis of structural members via shooting-optimization techniqueWang, C.M. 
2001Linear and nonlinear actuations in shape control of beamsAng, K.K. ; Achuthan, A.; Wang, C.M. 
May-2010Literature review of methods for mitigating hydroelastic response of VLFS under wave actionWang, C.M. ; Tay, Z.Y. ; Takagi, K.; Utsunomiya, T.
Dec-2006LSFD method for accurate vibration modes and modal stress-resultants of freely vibrating plates that model VLFSWang, C.M. ; Wu, W.X.; Shu, C. ; Utsunomiya, T.
Aug-2009Mechanical properties and buckling behaviors of condensed double-walled carbon nanotubesZhang, Y. ; Wang, C.M. ; Tan, V.B.C. 
Nov-2011Mechanical properties of bilayer graphene sheets coupled by sp3 bondingZhang, Y.Y.; Wang, C.M. ; Cheng, Y.; Xiang, Y.
20-Aug-2012Mechanical properties of graphynes under tension: A molecular dynamics studyZhang, Y.Y.; Pei, Q.X.; Wang, C.M. 
20-Aug-2012Mechanical properties of graphynes under tension: A molecular dynamics studyZhang, Y.Y.; Pei, Q.X.; Wang, C.M. 
Nov-1997Mechanics of neutrally buoyant cablesChucheepsakul, S.; Wang, C.M. 
Feb-2006Membrane analysis and minimum weight design of submerged spherical domesWang, C.M. ; Vo, K.K.; Chai, Y.H.
Feb-2006Membrane analysis and optimization of submerged domes with allowance for selfweight and skin cover loadVo, K.K.; Wang, C.M. ; Chai, Y.H.
11-Nov-2008Mesh-free least-squares-based finite difference method for large-amplitude free vibration analysis of arbitrarily shaped thin platesWu, W.X.; Shu, C. ; Wang, C.M. 
Jan-2006Minimizing differential deflection in a pontoon-type, very large floating structure via gill cellsWang, C.M. ; Wu, T.Y. ; Choo, Y.S. ; Ang, K.K. ; Toh, A.C.; Mao, W.Y.; Hee, A.M.