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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1993Flexural vibration of shear deformable circular and annular plates on ring supportsLiew, K.M.; Xiang, Y.; Wang, C.M. ; Kitipornchai, S.
Nov-2013Floating wetlands at PunggolWong, L.H.; Tan, H.S.; Wang, C.L.; Lim, H.; Ho, H.C.; Wang, C.M. ; Tay, Z.Y. ; Gao, R.P.
Nov-2013Floating wetlands at PunggolWong, L.H.; Tan, H.S.; Wang, C.L.; Lim, H.; Ho, H.C.; Wang, C.M. ; Tay, Z.Y. ; Gao, R.P.
17-Aug-1995FORTRAN subroutines for mathematical operations on polynomial functionsXiang, Y.; Wang, C.M. ; Kitipornchai, S.
10-Jan-2007Free vibration analysis of plates using least-square-based finite difference methodShu, C. ; Wu, W.X.; Ding, H.; Wang, C.M. 
Jun-2010Free vibration and buckling analysis of highly skewed plates by least squares-based finite difference methodWu, W.X.; Shu, C. ; Wang, C.M. ; Xiang, Y.
Feb-1993Free vibration of isosceles triangular mindlin platesKitipornchai, S.; Liew, K.M.; Xiang, Y.; Wang, C.M. 
2008Free vibration of nanorings/arches based on nonlocal elasticityWang, C.M. ; Duan, W.H. 
10-Aug-2000Free vibration of skew sandwich plates with laminated facingsWang, C.M. ; Ang, K.K. ; Yang, L. ; Watanabe, E.
Nov-1999Frequency relationship between Levinson plates and classical thin platesWang, C.M. ; Kitipornchai, S.
19-Jun-2003Fundamental frequencies of circular plates with internal elastic ring supportWang, C.Y.; Wang, C.M. 
Feb-2002Funicular shapes for submerged archesWang, C.M. ; Wang, C.Y.
1997Green's functions for Timoshenko beam problemsWang, C.M. ; Lam, K.Y. ; He, X.Q.
Apr-2010Hydrodynamic forces on a rolling barge with bilge keelsBangun, E.P. ; Wang, C.M. ; Utsunomiya, T.
2010Hydroelastic analysis and response of pontoon-type very large floating structuresWang, C.M. ; Tay, Z.Y. 
2008Hydroelastic analysis of floating performance stage @ Marina Bay, SingaporeWang, C.M. ; Song, J.H.; Utsunomiya, T.; Koh, H.S.; Lim, Y.B.
2003Hydroelastic Analysis of Pontoon-Type Circular VLFSWatanabe, E.; Utsunomiya, T.; Wang, C.M. ; Xiang, Y.
Oct-2008Hydroelastic analysis of pontoon-type circular VLFS with an attached submerged platePham, D.C.; Wang, C.M. ; Utsunomiya, T.
Jan-2004Hydroelastic analysis of pontoon-type VLFS: A literature surveyWatanabe, E.; Utsunomiya, T.; Wang, C.M. 
2009Hydroelastic analysis of the large floating steel platform at marina bay in SingaporeWang, C.M. ; Utsunomiya, T.