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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2007In vivo performance of implantable biodegradable preparations delivering Paclitaxel and Etanidazole for the treatment of gliomaKumar Naraharisetti, P.; Yung Sheng Ong, B.; Wei Xie, J. ; Kam Yiu Lee, T.; Wang, C.-H. ; Sahinidis, N.V.
2006In vivo study for the controlled delivery of paclitaxel from electro-hydrodynamic atomized microparticles for the postsurgical treatment of glioma blastoma multiformeSheng, B.O.Y.; Xie, J. ; Wang, C.-H. ; Lee, H.-S.; Lu, F.
Jun-1999In-vivo tissue response to polyanilineWang, C.H. ; Dong, Y.Q.; Sengothi, K.; Tan, K.L. ; Kang, E.T. 
2012Influence of electrostatics on instrumentation in fluidized bed measurementsCheng, Y. ; Wang, C.-H. 
Apr-2006Instabilities in vertically vibrated granular beds at the single particle scaleWong, Y.S.; Gan, H.C.; Wang, H.C. ; Fan, X.; Parker, J.D.; Ingram, A.; Seville, K.J.
10-Jul-1997Instabilities of fully developed rapid flow of a granular material in a channelWang, C.-H. ; Jackson, R.; Sundaresan, S.
10-Jul-1997Instabilities of fully developed rapid flow of a granular material in a channelWang, C.-H. ; Jackson, R.; Sundaresan, S.
10-Oct-2003Instabilities of granular material undergoing vertical vibrations: A uniformly driven layerDeng, R.; Wang, C.-H. 
Jan-2012Investigation of droplet distribution in electrohydrodynamic atomization (EHDA) using an ac-based electrical capacitance tomography (ECT) system with an internal-external electrode sensorRezvanpour, A.; Wang, C.-H. ; Liang, Y.C. ; Yang, W.
14-Aug-2013Investigation on hydrodynamics of triple-bed combined circulating fluidized bed using electrostatic sensor and electrical capacitance tomographyZhang, W.; Cheng, Y. ; Wang, C.; Yang, W.; Wang, C.-H. 
Jul-2008Jet breakup and droplet formation in near-critical regime of carbon dioxide-dichloromethane systemLee, L.Y. ; Lim, L.K. ; Hua, J.; Wang, C.-H. 
2008Local intracranial drug delivery using biodegradable PLGA-paclitaxel micro/nano-fiber implants to treat malignant brain tumorsRanganath, S.H. ; Wang, C.-H. 
19-Aug-2009Lysine-based peptide-functionalized PLGA foams for controlled DNA deliveryNie, H. ; Khew, S.T.; Lee, L.Y. ; Poh, K.L.; Tong, Y.W. ; Wang, C.-H. 
30-Nov-2006Mathematical modeling and simulation of drug release from microspheres: Implications to drug delivery systemsArifin, D.Y.; Lee, L.Y.; Wang, C.-H. 
May-2013Mechanism of drug release from double-walled PDLLA(PLGA) microspheresXu, Q.; Chin, S.E.; Wang, C.-H. ; Pack, D.W.
Jun-2006Microparticles developed by electrohydrodynamic atomization for the local delivery of anticancer drug to treat C6 glioma in vitroXie, J. ; Marijnissen, J.C.M.; Wang, C.-H. 
May-2012Mixing behaviors of cold-hot particles in the downer of a triple-bed combined circulating fluidized bedFushimi, C.; Guan, G.; Nakamura, Y.; Ishizuka, M.; Tsutsumi, A.; Suzuki, Y.; Cheng, Y. ; Lim, E.W.C. ; Wang, C.-H. 
2007Modeling charged aerosol transport in bifurcated tubesLeong, F.Y.; Wang, C.-H. ; Smith, K.A.; Matsusaka, S.; Hua, J.
28-Oct-2012Monodisperse double-walled microspheres loaded with chitosan-p53 nanoparticles and doxorubicin for combined gene therapy and chemotherapyXu, Q.; Xia, Y.; Wang, C.-H. ; Pack, D.W.
Mar-2014Mussel-inspired protein-mediated surface functionalization of electrospun nanofibers for pH-responsive drug deliveryJiang, J.; Xie, J.; Ma, B.; Bartlett, D.E.; Xu, A.; Wang, C.-H.