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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Mar-2007Effect of PEG conformation and particle size on the cellular uptake efficiency of nanoparticles with the HepG2 cellsHu, Y.; Xie, J. ; Tong, Y.W. ; Wang, C.-H. 
Dec-2006Effects of an electrostatic field in pneumatic conveying of granular materials through inclined and vertical pipesLim, E.W.C. ; Zhang, Y.; Wang, C.-H. 
Jul-2002Effects of fabrication conditions on the characteristics of etanidazole spray-dried microspheresWang, F.J.; Wang, C.-H. 
Oct-2010Electric field controlled electrospray deposition for precise particle pattern and cell pattern formationXie, J. ; Rezvanpour, A.; Wang, C.-W. ; Hua, J.
1999Electrical capacitance tomography measurements of gravity-driven granular flowsHua, J. ; Wang, C.-H. 
3-Oct-2001Electrical capacitance tomography measurements on the pneumatic conveying of solidsRao, S.M. ; Zhu, K. ; Wang, C.-H. ; Sundaresan, S.
Sep-2003Electrical capacitance tomography measurements on vertical and inclined pneumatic conveying of granular solidsZhu, K. ; Madhusudana Rao, S.; Wang, C.-H. ; Sundaresan, S.
1-Oct-2006Electrohydrodynamic atomization for biodegradable polymeric particle productionXie, J. ; Lim, L.K.; Phua, Y.; Hua, J.; Wang, C.-H. 
10-Mar-2006Electron spin resonance microscopy applied to the study of controlled drug releaseBlank, A.; Freed, J.H.; Kumar, N.P. ; Wang, C.-H. 
15-Aug-2007Electrospray in the dripping mode for cell microencapsulationXie, J. ; Wang, C.-H. 
Aug-2006Electrospun micro- and nanofibers for sustained delivery of paclitaxel to treat C6 glioma in vitroXie, J. ; Wang, C.-H. 
18-Jun-2012Electrostatic characteristics in a large-scale triple-bed circulating fluidized bed system for coal gasificationCheng, Y. ; Lim, E.W.C. ; Wang, C.-H. ; Guan, G.; Fushimi, C.; Ishizuka, M.; Tsutsumi, A.
Jun-2009Electrostatic effects on inertial particle transport in bifurcated tubesLeong, F.Y. ; Smith, K.A.; Wang, C.-H. ; Matsusaka, S.; Hua, J.
27-Oct-2004Electrostatics of the granular flow in a pneumatic conveying systemYao, J.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, C.-H. ; Matsusaka, S.; Masuda, H.
2004Electrostatics of the granular flow in a vertical pneumatic conveying systemYao, J.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, C.-H. ; Matsusaka, S.; Masuda, H.
1-Aug-2012Enabling sustainable development through creative and innovative chemical engineering-APCChE 2012 special issue on energy, water, and environmentCheng, Y. ; Wang, C.-H. 
15-Jan-2008Encapsulation of protein drugs in biodegradable microparticles by co-axial electrosprayXie, J. ; Ng, W.J.; Lee, L.Y. ; Wang, C.-H. 
1-Aug-2007Encapsulation of proteins in biodegradable polymeric microparticles using electrospray in the Taylor cone-jet modeXie, J. ; Wang, C.-H. 
15-Dec-2010Enhancement of particle collection efficiency in electrohydrodynamic atomization process for pharmaceutical particle fabricationRezvanpour, A.; Attia, A.B.E.; Wang, C.-H. 
2009Enhancement of particle collection efficiency in electrohydrodynamic atomization processes for pharmaceutical particle fabricationRezvanpour, A.; Wang, C.-H.