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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Feb-2014Meso-ester and carboxylic acid substituted BODIPYs with far-red and near-infrared emission for bioimaging applicationsNi, Y.; Zeng, L.; Kang, N.-Y.; Huang, K.-W.; Wang, L.; Zeng, Z.; Chang, Y.-T. ; Wu, J. 
5-Feb-2010meso-Substituted bisanthenes as soluble and stable near-infrared dyesLi, J.; Zhang, K. ; Zhang, X. ; Huang, K.-W.; Chi, C. ; Wu, J. 
22-Oct-2012Metal amidoboranes: Superior double-hydrogen-transfer agents in the reduction of ketones and iminesXu, W.; Wu, G.; Yao, W.; Fan, H.; Wu, J. ; Chen, P.
8-Jan-2014N -annulated perylene as an efficient electron donor for porphyrin-based dyes: Enhanced light-harvesting ability and high-efficiency Co(II/III)-based dye-sensitized solar cellsLuo, J.; Xu, M.; Li, R.; Huang, K.-W.; Jiang, C.; Qi, Q.; Zeng, W.; Zhang, J.; Chi, C. ; Wang, P.; Wu, J. 
2015N -annulated perylene-based push-pull-type sensitizersQi Q. ; Wang X. ; Fan L.; Zheng B.; Zeng W. ; Luo J.; Huang K.-W.; Wang Q. ; Wu J. 
30-Nov-2011N-Annulated perylene dyes with adjustable photophysical propertiesZhu, L.; Jiao, C.; Xia, D.; Wu, J. 
17-Sep-2010N-annulated perylene fused porphyrins with enhanced near-IR absorption and emissionJiao, C.; Huang, K.-W.; Guan, Z.; Xu, Q.-H. ; Wu, J. 
2015N-Annulated perylene-substituted and fused porphyrin dimers with intense near-infrared one-photon and two-photon absorptionLuo, Jie; Lee, Sangsu; Son, Minjung; Zheng, Bin; Huang, Kuo-Wei; Qi, Qingbiao; Zeng, Wangdong ; Li, Gongqiang; Kim, Dongho; Wu, Jishan 
7-Feb-2012Nanostructured MnO 2/graphene composites for supercapacitor electrodes: The effect of morphology, crystallinity and compositionMao, L.; Zhang, K. ; On Chan, H.S.; Wu, J. 
26-Jan-2010New discotic mesogens based on triphenylene-fused triazatruxenes: Synthesis, physical properties, and self-assemblyZhao, B. ; Liu, B. ; Png, R.Q. ; Zhang, K. ; Lim, K.A.; Luo, J. ; Shao, J.; Ho, P.K.H. ; Chi, C. ; Wu, J. 
4-Jul-2019Nitrogen-Doped Heptazethrene and Octazethrene DiradicaloidsC. H. E. Chow; Y. Han ; H. Phan ; J. Wu 
28-Mar-2011Octupolar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons as new two-photon absorption chromophores: Synthesis and application for optical power limitingZeng, Z.; Guan, Z.; Xu, Q.-H. ; Wu, J. 
14-Mar-2012Open-shell polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsSun, Z.; Wu, J. 
15-Jul-2011Perylene anhydride fused porphyrins as near-infrared sensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cellsJiao, C.; Zu, N.; Huang, K.-W.; Wang, P.; Wu, J. 
18-Feb-2011Perylene-fused BODIPY dye with near-IR absorption/emission and high photostabilityJiao, C.; Huang, K.-W.; Wu, J. 
2015Phenalenyl-fused porphyrins with different ground statesZeng W. ; Lee S.; Son M.; Ishida M.; Furukawa K.; Hu P. ; Sun Z.; Kim D.; Wu J. 
Sep-2007Polycyclic aromatic compounds for organic field-effect transistors: Molecular design and synthesesWu, J. 
6-Nov-2010Porphyrin/Quinoidal Bithiophene Based Macrocycles and Their Dications: Template-free Synthesis and Global AromaticityREN LONGBIN ; YADAGIRI GOPALAKRISHNA TULLIMILLI ; PARK IN-HYEOK ; Han, Y.; Wu Jishan 
Mar-2012Probing the electronic state of a single coronene molecule by the emission from proximate fluorophoresFückel, B.; Hinze, G.; Wu, J. ; Müllen, K.; Basché, T.
24-Apr-2013Pushing extended p-quinodimethanes to the limit: Stable tetracyano-oligo(N-annulated perylene)quinodimethanes with tunable ground statesZeng, Z.; Ishida, M.; Zafra, J.L.; Zhu, X.; Sung, Y.M.; Bao, N. ; Webster, R.D.; Lee, B.S.; Li, R.-W.; Zeng, W.; Li, Y.; Chi, C. ; Navarrete, J.T.L.; Ding, J. ; Casado, J.; Kim, D.; Wu, J.