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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Nov-2012Cetyltrimethylammonium bromide intercalated graphene/polypyrrole nanowire composites for high performance supercapacitor electrodeMao, L.; Chan, H.S.O. ; Wu, J. 
27-Jul-2020Chemical Design and Synthesis of Superior Single-Atom Electrocatalysts via In-Situ PolymerizationXu, Haomin; Xi, Shibo; Li, Jing; Liu, Shikai; Lyv, Pin; Yu, Wei; SUN TAO ; Qi, Dong-Chen; HE QIAN ; Xiao, Hai; Lin, Ming; Wu Jishan ; Zhang Jia; LU JIONG 
2010Chemistry of functional π-systemsWu, J. 
2010Chemistry of functional π-systemsWu, J. 
26-Jun-2021A Chichibabin’s Hydrocarbon Based Molecular Cage: The Impact of Structural Rigidity on Dynamics, Stability, and Electronic PropertiesNI YONG ; Z. Li ; S. Wu ; Y. Han ; J. Wu 
5-Jul-2013Conformal graphene encapsulation of tin oxide nanoparticle aggregates for improved performance in reversible Li+ storageJi, G.; Ding, B.; Sha, Z.; Wu, J. ; Ma, Y.; Lee, J.Y. 
2014Conjugated polyfluorene imidazolium ionic liquids intercalated reduced graphene oxide for high performance supercapacitor electrodesMao, L.; Li, Y.; Chi, C.; On Chan, H.S.; Wu, J. 
15-Nov-2013Construction of hetero[n]rotaxanes by use of polyfunctional rotaxane frameworksLi, Z.; Liu, G.; Xue, W.; Wu, D.; Yang, Y.-W.; Wu, J. ; Liu, S.H.; Yoon, J.; Yin, J.
26-Nov-2013Controlled growth of large-area high-performance small-molecule organic single-crystalline transistors by slot-die coating using a mixed solvent systemChang, J.; Chi, C. ; Zhang, J.; Wu, J. 
3-Feb-2020Cove‐Edged Nanographenes with Localized Double BondsGU YANWEI ; Muñoz-Mármol, R; Wu, S.; Han, Y.; NI YONG ; Díaz-García, M.A.; Casado, J.; Wu Jishan 
2017Crystal structure of 7,15-bis(4-tert-butylphenyl)-1,9-dimethylheptazethreneKamata, S; Sato, S; Wu, J ; Isobe, H
15-Mar-2013Cyanated diazatetracene diimides with ultrahigh electron affinity for n-channel field effect transistorsYe, Q.; Chang, J.; Huang, K.-W.; Shi, X.; Wu, J. ; Chi, C. 
1-Oct-2019Dearomatization Approach Toward Superbenzoquinone Based Diradicaloid, Tetraradicaloid, and HexaradicaloidLI GUANGWU ; Han, Y.; Zou, Y.; Lee, J.J.C.; NI YONG ; Wu Jishan 
4-Dec-2013Dibenzoheptazethrene isomers with different biradical characters: An exercise of clar's aromatic sextet rule in singlet biradicaloidsSun, Z.; Lee, S.; Park, K.H.; Zhu, X.; Zhang, W.; Zheng, B.; Hu, P.; Zeng, Z.; Das, S.; Li, Y.; Chi, C. ; Li, R.-W.; Huang, K.-W.; Ding, J. ; Kim, D.; Wu, J. 
Mar-2012Disc-like 7, 14-dicyano-ovalene-3,4:10,11-bis(dicarboximide) as a solution-processible n-type semiconductor for air stable field-effect transistorsLi, J.; Chang, J.-J.; Tan, H.S.; Jiang, H.; Chen, X.; Chen, Z.; Zhang, J.; Wu, J. 
21-Oct-2012Dithieno-naphthalimide based copolymers for air-stable field effect transistors: Synthesis, characterization and device performanceDai, G.; Chang, J.; Wu, J. ; Chi, C. 
21-Jan-2011Doubly and triply linked porphyrin-perylene monoimides as near IR dyes with large dipole moments and high photostabilityJiao, C.; Huang, K.-W.; Chi, C. ; Wu, J. 
15-Feb-2011Effect of intermolecular dipole-dipole interactions on interfacial supramolecular structures of C3-symmetric hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene derivativesMu, Z.; Shao, Q.; Ye, J.; Zeng, Z.; Zhao, Y.; Hng, H.H.; Boey, F.Y.C.; Wu, J. ; Chen, X.
21-Jun-2013Effects of contact treatments on solution-processed n-type dicyano-ovalenediimide and its complementary circuitsChang, J.; Li, J.; Chang, K.L.; Zhang, J.; Wu, J. 
8-Jun-2009Efficient preparation of separable pseudo[n]rotaxanes by selective threading of oligoalkylammonium salts with cucurbit[7]urilYin, J. ; Chi, C. ; Wu, J.