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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Apr-2005A methodology for accurate modeling of a pad structure from S-parameter measurementsJayabalan, J. ; Ooi, B.L. ; Wu, B. ; Xu, D.S.; Iyer, M.K.; Leong, M.S. 
Jan-2005A miniaturized dual-mode ring bandpass filter with a new perturbationTan, B.T.; Yu, J.J.; Chew, S.T.; Leong, M.-S. ; Ooi, B.-L. 
2008A miniaturized wideband Wilkinson power dividerYaqiong, Z.; Xinyi, T. ; Yijing, F.; Leong, O.B. ; Seng, L.M. ; Mouthaan, K. 
Jul-2002A modified microstrip circular patch resonator filterTan, B.T.; Chew, S.T.; Leong, M.S. ; Ooi, B.L. 
2003A multilayer active hybrid-ring using ground-slot coupling techniqueHui, S.C. ; Ooi, B.-L. ; Leong, M.S. ; Kooi, P.S. 
2003A multilayer active hybrid-ring using ground-slot coupling techniqueHui, S.C. ; Ooi, B.-L. ; Leong, M.S. ; Kooi, P.S. 
Oct-1977A multilayer correction scheme for spreading resistance measurementsChoo, S.C. ; Leong, M.S. ; Hong, H.L.; Li, L.; Tan, L.S. 
Apr-1979A multilayer exponential model for spreading resistance calculationsChoo, S.C. ; Leong, M.S. 
2008A new calculation method of the receiving mutual impedance for linear antenna arrayLui, H.-S. ; Hui, H.T. ; Leong, M.S. 
2004A new general formulation for the entire-domain analysis of an array of arbitrarily oriented circular loop antennasKrishnan, S.; Li, L.-W. ; Leong, M.S. ; Kooi, P.S. 
2006A new loop antenna for directional UWB linksKrishnan, S.; Kyaw, O.; Ning, L.Z.; Wei, L.L.; Seng, L.M. 
20-May-2001A new mesfet nonlinear modelOoi, B.L. ; Ma, J.Y.; Leong, M.S. 
2001A new method of designing Marchand baluns for multilayer applicationsLim, H.A.; Leong, M.S. ; Ooi, B.L. ; Chew, S.T. 
Oct-2009A note on the mutual-coupling problems in transmitting and receiving antenna arraysLui, H.-S.; Hui, H.T. ; Leong, M.S. 
1997A Novel Approach for Determining the GaAs MESFET Small-Signal Equivalent-Circuit ElementsOoi, B.-L. ; Leong, M.-S. ; Kooi, P.-S. 
2011A novel consistent gate-charge model of GaAs MESFETs for the design of K u-band power amplifiersZhong, Z. ; Guo, Y. ; Leong, M.S. 
2001A novel coupled fed small antennaLee, C.L.; Ooi, B.L. ; Leong, M.S. ; Kooi, P.S. ; Yeo, T.S. 
Feb-2004A Novel Course on Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit Design, Theory, and CharacterizationOoi, B.-L. ; Leong, M.-S. 
Apr-2002A novel drain current I-V model for MESFETOoi, B.-L. ; Ma, J.Y.; Leong, M.S. 
2001A novel dual-polarized, wide-band microstrip patch antenna with aperture couplingGao, S.C. ; Li, L.W. ; Leong, M.S. ; Yeo, T.S.