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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Closed-form Green's functions for multilayered structure and its applicationsYuan, T.; Zhang, M. ; Li, L.-W. ; Zhang, L.; Leong, M.S. 
Mar-1999Comment on "eigenfunction expansion of the dyadic Green's function in a gyroelectric chiral medium by cylindrical vector wave functions"Li, L.-W. ; Leong, M.-S. ; Kooi, P.-S. ; Yeo, T.-S. 
2004Comments on "A complete set of spatial domain dyadic green's function components for cylindrically stratified media in fast computational form"Acar, R.C.; Dural, G.; Sun, J.; Wang, C.-F. ; Li, L.-W. ; Leong, M.-S. 
Jun-2004Comments on "Mutual coupling of two collocated orthogonally oriented circular thin-wire loops"Krishnan, S.; Li, L.-W. ; Leong, M.-S. 
2006Compact CPW-to microstrip transition design for MMIC packagingFan, Y.; Ooi, B.L. ; Seng, L.M. 
Apr-1993Compact slot loop antennaCai, M. ; Kooi, P.S. ; Leong, M.S. 
Feb-2002Complete location of poles for thick lossy grounded dielectric slabTeo, S.-A.; Leong, M.-S. ; Chew, S.-T. ; Ooi, B.-L. 
Oct-1995Complete scattering parameter characterisation by FDTD method of Y-junction power dividers with small output anglesHum, P.J. ; Leong, M.S. ; Kooi, P.S. ; Yeo, T.S. 
1990Complex modes in shielded coplanar waveguideLeong, M.S. ; Kooi, P.S. ; Widjojo, Benny; Yeo, T.S. 
Jun-2010Compound diffractive lens consisting of fresnel zone plate and frequency selective screenFan, Y.; Ooi, B.-L. ; Hristov, H.D.; Leong, M.-S. 
Jan-1997Computation of the propagation characteristics of TE and TM modes in waveguides with the use of the generalized differential quadrature methodDong, Y.C.; Leong, M.S. ; Kooi, P.S. ; Lam, K.Y. ; Shu, C. 
Nov-1998Computations of spheroidal harmonics with complex arguments: A review with an algorithmLi, L.-W. ; Leong, M.-S. ; Yeo, T.-S. ; Kooi, P.-S. ; Tan, K.-Y.
1999Construct GaAs FET dc model from drain-port dc power and conductanceLiu, L. ; Lin, F. ; Kooi, P.S. ; Leong, M.S. 
Jul-1988Contact resistance calculations based on a variational methodLeong, M.S. ; Choo, S.C. ; Tan, L.S. ; Goh, T.L.
Feb-1993Contour-integral analysis of microstrip sectorial power divider (with arbitrary sector angle)Yeo, S.P. ; Leong, M.S. ; Kooi, P.S. ; Yeo, T.S. ; Zhou, X.D. 
Jul-2001Correct characterization of guided electromagnetic waves in chirowaveguides of arbitrary cross sectionsLi, L.-W. ; Leong, M.-S. ; Lim, S.-N.; Yeo, T.-S. 
2003Creeping waves along a perfectly conducting cylinder with a lossy magnetic coatingSun, J.; Wang, C.-F. ; Li, L.-W. ; Leong, M.-S. 
May-2000Cumulative distributions of rainfall rate and microwave attenuation in Singapore's tropical regionZhou, Z.X. ; Li, L.W. ; Yeo, T.S. ; Leong, M.S. 
May-2001Cutoff wavenumbers in truncated waveguidesLin, S.-L.; Li, L.-W. ; Yeo, T.-S. ; Leong, M.-S. 
Feb-2004Cylindrical vector eigenfunction expansion of Green dyadics for multilayered anisotropic media and its application to four-layered forestLi, L.-W. ; Koh, J.-H.; Yeo, T.-S. ; Leong, M.-S. ; Kooi, P.-S.