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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Bio-oxidation and biocyanidation of refractory mineral ores for gold extraction: A reviewKarthikeyan O.P ; Rajasekar A ; Balasubramanian R 
2016Bioaccessibility of airborne particulate-bound trace elements in Shanghai and health risk assessmentHuang, X ; Cheng, J; Bo, D; Betha, R ; Balasubramanian, R 
Mar-2012Biochemical response of diverse organs in adult Danio rerio (zebrafish) exposed to sub-lethal concentrations of microcystin-LR and microcystin-RR: A balneation studyPavagadhi, S.; Gong, Z. ; Hande, M.P.; Dionysiou, D.D.; de la Cruz, A.A.; Balasubramanian, R. 
2012Bioleaching of copper from black shale ore using mesophilic mixed populations in an air up-lift bioreactorSethurajan, M.; Aruliah, R. ; Karthikeyan, O.P.; Balasubramanian, R. 
2015Biomass derived low-cost microporous adsorbents for efficient CO2 captureParshetti G.K. ; Chowdhury S.; Balasubramanian R. 
31-Jan-2011Biosorption characteristics of crab shell particles for the removal of manganese(II) and zinc(II) from aqueous solutionsVijayaraghavan, K.; Winnie, H.Y.N.; Balasubramanian, R. 
1-Apr-2009Biosorption of As(V) onto the shells of the crab (Portunus sanguinolentus): Equilibrium and kinetic studiesVijayaraghavan, K. ; Arun, M. ; Joshi, U.M.; Balasubramanian, R. 
Dec-2012Biosorption of copper, zinc and cadmium using sodium hydroxide immersed Cymbopogon schoenanthus L. Spreng (lemon grass)Zuo, X.; Balasubramanian, R. ; Fu, D.; Li, H.
5-May-2010Biosorption of lanthanum, cerium, europium, and ytterbium by a brown marine alga, turbinaria conoidesVijayaraghavan, K. ; Sathishkumar, M. ; Balasubramanian, R. 
2007Biosorption of lead(II) and copper(II) from stormwater by brown seaweed Sargassum sp.: Batch and column studiesPerumal, S.V. ; Joshi, U.M.; Karthikeyan, S. ; Balasubramanian, R. 
15-Feb-2011Biosynthesis of Au(0) from Au(III) via biosorption and bioreduction using brown marine alga Turbinaria conoidesVijayaraghavan, K. ; Mahadevan, A. ; Sathishkumar, M. ; Pavagadhi, S.; Balasubramanian, R. 
2015Biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles and related cytotoxicity evaluation using A549 cellsSathishkumar M.; Pavagadhi, Shruti ; Mahadevan Arun; Balasubramanian, Rajasekhar 
27-Apr-2000Case studies of the SO2 + H2O2 reaction in cloudsHusain, L.; Rattigan, O.V.; Dutkiewicz, V.; Das, M.; Judd, C.D.; Khan, A.R.; Richter, R.; Balasubramanian, R. ; Swami, K.; Walcek, C.J.
Jun-2010Characteristics and environmental mobility of trace elements in urban runoffJoshi, U.M.; Balasubramanian, R. 
Aug-2007Characteristics of indoor aerosols in residential homes in urban locations: A case study in SingaporeBalasubramanian, R. ; Sheng, S.L.
15-May-2007Characterization and source apportionment of particulate matter ≤ 2.5 μm in Sumatra, Indonesia, during a recent peat fire episodeSiao, W.S.; Balasubramanian, R. ; Rianawati, E.; Karthikeyan, S. ; Streets, D.G.
Oct-2004Characterization and source identification of airborne trace metals in SingaporeBalasubramanian, R. ; Qian, W.-B.
May-2011Characterization of fine particle emissions from incense burningSee, S.W.; Balasubramanian, R. 
2001Chemical and statistical analysis of precipitation in SingaporeBalasubramanian, R. ; Victor, T. ; Chun, N.
Dec-2008Chemical characteristics of fine particles emitted from different gas cooking methodsSee, S.W.; Balasubramanian, R.