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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Perceived job image among police officers in Singapore: Factorial dimensions and differential effectsLim, V.K.G. ; Teo, T.S.H. ; See, S.K.B.
2006Performance impacts of e-Government: An international perspectiveSrivastava, S.C. ; Teo, T.S.H. 
2005Prevalence, perceived seriousness, justification and regulation of cyberloafing in Singapore: An exploratory studyLim, V.K.G. ; Teo, T.S.H. 
Sep-1997Proactive versus reactive modes of strategic information systems planningKing, William R.; Teo, Thompson S. H. 
2012Product attributes and brand equity in the mobile domain: The mediating role of customer experienceSheng, M.L.; Teo, T.S.H. 
2013Psychological costs of support seeking and choice of communication channelLim, V.K.G. ; Teo, T.S.H. ; Zhao, X.
1997Quantitative and qualitative errors in spreadsheet developmentTeo, Thompson S.H. ; Tan, Margaret 
2009Rational versus institutional perspectives in organizational web sitesSrivastava, S.C.; Teo, T.S.H. ; Subramanian, A.M. 
2005Relevance in Information Systems Research: An empirical analysisSrivastava, S.C. ; Teo, T.S.H. 
Mar-2000Saving face, losing face in the face of AIDS : the effects of human resource managers' fear of AIDS on organisational outcomesLim, Vivien Kim Geok ; Teo, Thompson Sian Hin ; Loo, Geok Leng 
Feb-2002Senior executives' perceptions of business-to-consumer (B2C) online marketing strategiesTeo, Thompson Sian Hin ; Tan, Jek Swan
2002Senior executives' perceptions of business-to-consumer (B2C) online marketing strategies: The case of SingaporeTeo, T.S.H. ; Tan, J.S.
2003Sex, financial hardship and locus of control: An empirical study of attitudes towards money among Singaporean ChineseLim, V.K.G. ; Teo, T.S.H. ; Loo, G.K. 
1997Sex, money and financial hardship: An empirical study of attitudes towards money among undergraduates in SingaporeLim, V.K.G. ; Teo, T.S.H. 
1999Singapore - an 'intelligent island': Moving from vision to reality with information technologyTeo, T.S.H. ; Lim, V.K.G. 
2001Singapore's manufacturing sector as engine for economic growth: Past, present and futureTeo, T.S.H. ; Ang, J.S.K. 
1997Singapore: Staying competitive with advanced manufacturing technologiesAng, J. ; Teo, T.S.H. 
Jul-1998Spreadsheet error detection : an experimental studyTeo, Thompson S H. ; Lee, Partridge Joo Eng 
2008Technical opinion: Bosses and their e-mannersLim, V.K.G. ; Teo, T.S.H. ; Chin, J.Y.
Apr-2007The adoption and diffusion of human resources information systems in SingaporeTeo, T.S.H. ; Lim, G.S. ; Fedric, S.A.