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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Patterns of hippocampal neuronal loss and axon reorganization of the dentate gyrus in the mouse pilocarpine model of temporal lobe epilepsyZhang, S.; Tang, F.R. ; Khanna, S. 
2011Pilocarpine and Nerve Agents Induced Seizures: Similarities and DifferencesTang, F.R. ; Loke, W.K.
2011Pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus alters hippocampal PKC expression in miceLiu, J.X.; Liu, Y.; Tang, F.R. 
2017Potential protective effects of ursolic acid against gamma irradiation-induced damage are mediated through the modulation of diverse inflammatory mediatorsWang H. ; Sim M.-K. ; Loke W.K.; Chinnathambi A.; Alharbi S.A.; Tang F.R. ; Sethi G. 
2011PrefaceTang, F.R. ; Loke, W.K.
2001Qualitative light and electron microscope study of glutamate receptors in the caudal spinal trigeminal nucleus of the ratTang, F.R. ; Yeo, J.F. ; Leong, S.K. 
2004Reduction of infarct size by orally administered des-aspartate-angiotensin I in the ischemic reperfused rat heartWen, Q. ; Sim, M.-K. ; Tang, F.-R. 
2004Reduction of infarct size by orally administered des-aspartate-angiotensin I in the ischemic reperfused rat heartWen, Q. ; Sim, M.-K. ; Tang, F.-R. 
1-Feb-2006Reorganization of CA3 area of the mouse hippocampus after pilocarpine induced temporal lobe epilepsy with special reference to the CA3-septum pathwayMa, D.L.; Tang, Y.C.; Chen, P.M.; Chia, S.C.; Jiang, F.L.; Burgunder, J.-M.; Lee, W.L.; Tang, F.R. 
2006Spastin in the human and mouse central nervous system with special reference to its expression in the hippocampus of mouse pilocarpine model of status epilepticus and temporal lobe epilepsyMa, D.L.; Chia, S.C.; Tang, Y.C.; Chang, M.L.J.; Tang, F.R. ; Probst, A.; Burgunder, J.-M. 
Sep-2010Status epilepticus alters hippocampal PKAβ and PKAγ expression in miceLiu, J.X.; Tang, Y.C.; Liu, Y.; Tang, F.R. 
Sep-2012Sulfur mustard and respiratory diseasesTang, F.R. ; Loke, W.K.
Mar-2013Sulfur mustard and respiratory diseases: Revisit with special reference to the "comments on 'Sulfur Mustard and Respiratory Diseases', Tang and Loke (2012) and a prepared Integrated Mechanism for Chronic Pulmonary Disease from Exposure to Sulfur Mustard'' by Saburi and Ghanei (2013)Tang, F.R. ; Loke, W.K.
May-2013Survival of calbindin, calretinin and parvalbumin positive neurons in mouse hippocampal CA area at chronic stage of pilocarpine-induced epilepsyLiu, J.; Liu, Y.; Tang, F. 
1995The distribution of NADPH-d in the central grey region (lamina X) of rat upper thoracic spinal cordTang, F.R. ; Tan, C.K. ; Ling, E.A. 
Dec-2007Two-methyl-6-phenylethynyl-pyridine (MPEP), a metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 antagonist, with low doses of MK801 and diazepam: A novel approach for controlling status epilepticusTang, F.R. ; Chen, P.M.; Tang, Y.C.; Tsai, M.C.; Lee, W.L.
1996Ultrastructural localization of substance P-like immunoreactivity in the intermediolateral column of spontaneously hypertensive rats and Wistar-Kyoto ratsTan, C.K. ; Tang, F.R. ; Ling, E.A. 
Sep-1997Ultrastructural study of NADPH-d positive neurons in laminae I and II of the rat caudal spinal trigeminal nucleusYeo, J.-F. ; Tang, F.-R. ; Leong, S.-K.