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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Harmonic generation microscopy of dental sectionsKao, F.-J.; Hsu, C.-Y.S. 
Jan-2014High caries prevalence and risk factors among young preschool children in an urban community with water fluoridationHong, C.H.L. ; Bagramian, R.A.; Hashim Nainar, S.M.; Straffon, L.H.; Shen, L.; Hsu, C.-Y.S. 
1-Aug-2017Identification of caries risk determinants in toddlers: Results of the gusto birth cohort StudyCAROLINA UN LAM ; Khin, L W; Kalhan, A C; Yee, R; LEE YUNG SENG ; MARY CHONG FOONG FONG ; Kwek, K; Saw Seang Mei ; Godfrey, K; CHONG YAP SENG ; HSU CHIN-YING,STEPHEN 
2011Imaging carious dental tissues with multiphoton fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopyLin, P.-Y.; Lyu, H.-C.; Hsu, C.-Y.S. ; Chang, C.-S.; Kao, F.-J.
2009Imaging dental sections with polarization-resolved SHG and timeresolved autofluorescenceChen, J.H.; Lin, P.-Y.; Hsu, S.C.Y. ; Kao, F.-J.
2019Infant dietary patterns and early childhood caries in a multi-ethnic Asian cohortHu S. ; Sim Y.F. ; Toh J.Y.; Saw S.M. ; Godfrey K.M.; Chong Y.-S. ; Yap F. ; Lee Y.S. ; Shek L.P.-C. ; Tan K.H. ; Chong M.F.-F. ; Hsu C.-Y.S. 
Oct-2006Laser-fluoride effect on root demineralizationGao, X.-L. ; Pan, J.-S.; Hsu, C.-Y. 
2007Laser-induced compositional changes on enamel: A FT-Raman studyLiu, Y. ; Hsu, C.-Y.S. 
2012Lesion progression in post-treatment persistent endodontic lesionsYu, V.S.H. ; Messer, H.H.; Shen, L.; Yee, R. ; Hsu, C.-Y.S. 
2006Optimal Er:YAG laser energy for preventing enamel demineralizationLiu, J.-F.; Liu, Y. ; Stephen, H.C.-Y. 
18-Apr-2005Ordering of self-assembled nanobiominerals in correlation to mechanical properties of hard tissuesJiang, H. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Lim, C.T. ; Hsu, C.Y. 
Jan-2013Potential mechanism for the laser-fluoride effect on enamel demineralizationLiu, Y.; Hsu, C.-Y.S. ; Teo, C.M.J. ; Teoh, S.H.
2012Promoting positive health behaviours - 'Tooth worm' phenomenon and its implicationsGao, X.-L.; Hsu, C.Y.S. ; Xu, Y.C.; Loh, T.; Koh, D. ; Hwarng, H.B. 
2013Subablative Er:YAG laser effect on enamel demineralizationLiu, Y.; Hsu, C.-Y.S. ; Teo, C.M.J.; Teoh, S.H.
Dec-2011Thermal treatments modulate bacterial adhesion to dental enamelHu, X.L.; Ho, B.; Lim, C.T. ; Hsu, C.S. 
Sep-2013Validity of caries risk assessment programmes in preschool childrenGao, X.; Di Wu, I.; Lo, E.C.M.; Chu, C.H.; Hsu, C.-Y.S. ; Wong, M.C.M.