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29-Aug-2019Contradictory Results from Single Loop Electrochemical Potentiokinetic Reactivation Test and Oxalic Acid Test for Intergranular Corrosion in 304L Stainless Steels Attributed to Si Grain-Boundary SegregationLIEW, YAN HAN; BLACKWOOD,DANIEL J ; T. L. SUDESH L. WIJESINGHE 
2016Effect of molybdate on the passivation of carbon steel in alkaline solutions under open-circuit conditionsTan, Y.T; Wijesinghe, S.L ; Blackwood, D.J 
23-Oct-2019Moving boundary simulation and mechanistic studies of the electrochemical corrosion protection by a damaged zinc coatingSAEEDIKHANIGERAEI, MOHSEN; T. L. SUDESH L. WIJESINGHE ; BLACKWOOD, DANIEL J 
17-Feb-2020Moving Boundary Simulation of Iron-Zinc Sacrificial Corrosion under Dynamic Electrolyte Thickness Based on Real-Time Monitoring DataSAEEDIKHANIGERAEI, MOHSEN; VAN DEN STEEN, NILS; T. L. SUDESH L. WIJESINGHE ; VAFAKHAH, SAREH; TERRYN, HERMAN; BLACKWOOD,DANIEL J 
2017Onset of microbial influenced corrosion (MIC) in stainless steel exposed to mixed species biofilms from equatorial seawaterJogdeo, P; Chai, R; Shuyang, S; Saballus, M; Constancias, F; Wijesinghe, S.L ; Thierry, D.; Blackwood, D.J ; McDougald, D; Rice, S.A; Marsili, E
7-Apr-2019Revisiting Corrosion Protection Mechanisms of a Steel Surface by Damaged Zinc-Rich PaintsSAEEDIKHANIGERAEI, MOHSEN; T. L. SUDESH L. WIJESINGHE ; BLACKWOOD, DANIEL J