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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-19915α-Pregnane-3β,7α,17,20α- and -20β-tetrols as metabolites of progesterone and 17-hydroxyprogesterone in carp (Cyprinus carpio) ovarian incubationsKime, D.E.; Venkatesh, B. ; Tan, C.H. 
26-Sep-1996A systematic survey of the intergenic region between the murine oxytocin- and vasopressin-encoding genesRatty, A.K. ; Jeong, S.-W.; Nagle, J.W.; Chin, H.; Gainer, H.; Murphy, D. ; Venkatesh, B. 
Apr-2012An ancient genomic regulatory block conserved across bilaterians and its dismantling in tetrapods by retrogene replacementMaeso, I.; Irimia, M.; Tena, J.J.; González-Pérez, E.; Tran, D.; Ravi, V.; Venkatesh, B. ; Campuzano, S.; Gómez-Skarmeta, J.L.; Garcia-Fernàndez, J.
Dec-1989Blood steroid levels in the goldfish: Measurement of six ovarian steroids in small volumes of serum by reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography and radioimmunoassayVenkatesh, B. ; Tan, C.H. ; Lam, T.J. 
2007cDNA cloning of Runx family genes from the pufferfish (Fugu rubripes)Ng, C.E.L.; Osato, M. ; Tay, B.H.; BYRAPPA VENKATESH ; Ito, Y. 
18-Nov-1993Characterization of the pufferfish (Fugu) genome as a compact model vertebrate genomeBrenner, S.; Elgar, G.; Sandford, R.; Macrae, A.; Venkatesh, B. ; Aparicio, S.
2006Comparative genomics of the human and Fugu voltage-gated calcium channel α1-subunit gene family reveals greater diversity in FuguWong, E.; Soong, T.W. ; Yu, W.-P.; Yap, W.H.; Venkatesh, B. 
15-Dec-2011Conservation of all three p53 family members and Mdm2 and Mdm4 in the cartilaginous fishLane, D.P.; Madhumalar, A.; Lee, A.P.; Tay, B.-H.; Verma, C. ; Brenner, S.; Venkatesh, B. 
1996Conserved linkage between the puffer fish (Fugu rubripes) and human genes for platelet-derived growth factor receptor and macrophage colony-stimulating factor receptorHow, G.-F. ; Venkatesh, B. ; Brenner, S.
Jul-1992Effects of neurohypophyseal and adenohypophyseal hormones, steroids, eicosanoids, and extrafollicular tissue on ovulation in vitro of guppy (Poecilia reticulata) embryosVenkatesh, B. ; Tan, C.H. ; Lam, T.J. 
2014Elephant shark genome provides unique insights into gnathostome evolutionVenkatesh, B. ; Lee, A.P.; Ravi, V.; Maurya, A.K.; Lian, M.M.; Swann, J.B.; Ohta, Y.; Flajnik, M.F.; Sutoh, Y.; Kasahara, M.; Hoon, S.; Gangu, V.; Roy, S.W.; Irimia, M.; Korzh, V.; Kondrychyn, I.; Lim, Z.W.; Tay, B.-H.; Tohari, S.; Kong, K.W.; Ho, S.; Lorente-Galdos, B.; Quilez, J.; Marques-Bonet, T.; Raney, B.J.; Ingham, P.W.; Tay, A.; Hillier, L.W.; Minx, P.; Boehm, T.; Wilson, R.K.; Brenner, S.; Warren, W.C.
Nov-2012Evolution of the Cdk-activator Speedy/RINGO in vertebratesChauhan, S.; Zheng, X.; Tan, Y.Y.; Tay, B.-H.; Lim, S.; Venkatesh, B. ; Kaldis, P.
28-Apr-2014Evolving hox activity profiles govern diversity in locomotor systemsJung, H.; Mazzoni, E.O.; Soshnikova, N.; Hanley, O.; Venkatesh, B. ; Duboule, D.; Dasen, J.S.
Feb-2006Fugu genome does not contain mitochondrial pseudogenesVenkatesh, B. ; Dandona, N.; Brenner, S.
18-Mar-1997Genomic structure and sequence of the pufferfish (Fugu rubripes) growth hormone-encoding gene: A comparative analysis of teleost growth hormone genesVenkatesh, B. ; Brenner, S.
21-Jun-1996Isolation, characterization and evolution of nine pufferfish (Fugu rubripes) actin genesVenkatesh, B. ; Tay, B.H.; Elgar, G.; Brenner, S.
1991Optimization of the high-performance liquid chromatographic separation of steroids by the overlapping resolution mapping procedureChong, K.Y.; Khoo, T.H.; Koo, F.S.; Ong, C.P. ; Li, S.F.Y. ; Lee, H.K. ; Venkatesh, B. ; Tan, C.H. 
Jun-1995Overripening of ovulated eggs in goldfish, Carassius auratus: II. Possible involvement of postovulatory follicles and steroidsFormacion, M.J.; Venkatesh, B. ; Tan, C.H. ; Lam, T.J. 
2009Phylogenetic and evolutionary relationships and developmental expression patterns of the zebrafish twist gene familyYeo, G.H. ; Cheah, F.S.H.; Venkatesh, B. ; Chong, S.S. ; Winkler, C. ; Jabs, E.W.
Aug-1991Progestins and cortisol delay while estradiol-17β induces early parturition in the guppy, Poecilia reticulataVenkatesh, B. ; Tan, C.H. ; Lam, T.J.