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2019Asymmetric delay attack on an entanglement-based bidirectional clock synchronization protocolLee, Jianwei:rp53101 ; Shen, Lijiong ; Cere, Alessandro; Troupe, James; Lamas-Linares, Antia; Kurtsiefer, Christian
1-Sep-2019Comparison of Methods for Granger Causality Network EstimationVenugopal, A ; Dutta, A ; Samavedham, L:rp01738 ; Karimi, IA 
31-Jul-2019Generativity: Establishing and Nurturing the Next GenerationCheryl Ching Ling Lim; Caymania Lay Teng Low; Soo Boon Hia:rp18675 ; Leng Leng Thang ; Ai Ling Thian
1-Nov-2018GIS Integrated Automation of a Near Real-Time Power-Flow Service for Electrical GridsRadhakrishnan, Krishnanand Kaippilly:rp34680 ; Moirangthem, Joymala ; Panda, Sanjib Kumar ; Amaratunga, Gehan
2020GOING TO WAR ON COVID19: MOBILIZING AN ACADEMIC NEPHROLOGY GROUP PRACTICELee, Martin Beng Huat; Chua, Horng Ruey:rp09960 ; Wong, Weng Kin ; Chan, Gek Cher; Leo, Christopher Cheang Han ; Vathsala, Anantharaman ; Teo, Boon Wee 
6-Jul-2020Inhibiting the Dealkylation of Basic Arenes during n-Alkane Direct Aromatization Reactions and Understanding the C6 Ring Closure MechanismJarvis, Jack S; Harrhy, Jonathan H; Wang, Aiguo; Bere, Takudzwa; Morgan, David J; Carter, James H; Howe, Alexander GR ; He, Qian:rp50812 ; Hutchings, Graham J; Song, Hua
14-Jan-2017Microfluidic metamaterial sensor: Selective trapping and remote sensing of microparticlesShih, Kailing ; Pitchappa, Prakash ; Manjappa, Manukumara; Ho, Chong Pei ; Singh, Ranjan; Lee, Chengkuo:rp00168 
2018NRG1 variant effects in patients with Hirschsprung diseaseGunadi, Budi N.Y.P.; Sethi R. ; Fauzi A.R.; Kalim A.S.; Indrawan T.; Iskandar K.; Makhmudi A.; Adrianto I.; San L.P.LLrp01459 
23-May-2018Process-Tracing Study on the Postassembly Modification of Highly Stable Zirconium Metal-Organic CagesLiu, Guoliang ; Yuan, Yi Di ; Wang, Jian:rp04035 ; Cheng, Youdong ; Peh, Shing Bo ; Wang, Yuxiang; Qian, Yuhong ; Dong, Jinqiao ; Yuan, Daqiang; Zhao, Dan 
6-Sep-2018Systemic lapses as the main causes of accidents in the Singapore construction industryShang Gao; Sui Pheng Low:rp01944 ; Hui Jia Atalia Howe
2019Trinucleotide repeat expansion length as a predictor of the clinical progression of Fuchs' Endothelial Corneal DystrophySoh Y.Q.; Lim G.P.S.:rp09077 ; Htoon H.M. ; Gong X.; Vinod Mootha V.; Vithana E.N. ; Kocaba V.; Mehta J.S.