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May-2018Dynamic Fluctuations in Subcellular Localization of the Hippo Pathway Effector Yorkie In VivoManning, Samuel A; Dent, Lucas G; Kondo, Shu; Zhao, Ziqing W ; Plachta, Nicolas ; Harvey, Kieran F
1-Feb-2010Engineering a scaffold-free 3D tumor model for in vitro drug penetration studiesOng, Siew-Min; Zhao, Ziqing ; Arooz, Talha; Zhao, Deqiang ; Zhang, Shufang ; Du, Tiehua; Wasser, Martin ; van Noort, Danny; Yu, Hanry 
15-Jun-2020Highly specific multiplexed RNA imaging in tissues with split-FISHGoh, Jolene Jie Lin; Chou, Nigel; Seow, Wan Yi; Ha, Norbert; Cheng, Chung Pui Paul ; Chang, Yun-Ching; Zhao, Ziqing Winston ; Chen, Kok Hao
Mar-2018In Vivo Imaging of Single Mammalian Cells in Development and DiseaseWhite, Melanie D; Zhao, Ziqing W ; Plachta, Nicolas 
Mar-2016Long-Lived Binding of Sox2 to DNA Predicts Cell Fate in the Four-Cell Mouse EmbryoWhite, Melanie D; Angiolini, Juan F; Alvarez, Yanina D; Kaur, Gurpreet; Zhao, Ziqing W ; Mocskos, Esteban; Bruno, Luciana; Bissiere, Stephanie; Levi, Valeria; Plachta, Nicolas 
Nov-2007Probing the cytochrome c′ folding landscapePletneva, Ekaterina V; Zhao, Ziqing ; Kimura, Tetsunari; Petrova, Krastina V; Gray, Harry B; Winkler, Jay R
1-Jul-2017Quantifying transcription factor-DNA binding in single cells in vivo with photoactivatable fluorescence correlation spectroscopyZhao, Ziqing Winston ; White, Melanie D; Alvarez, Yanina D; Zenker, Jennifer; Bissiere, Stephanie; Plachta, Nicolas 
Dec-2016Quantitative imaging of mammalian transcriptional dynamics: from single cells to whole embryosZhao, Ziqing W ; White, Melanie D; Bissiere, Stephanie; Levi, Valeria; Plachta, Nicolas 
Aug-2013Reply to "Convergence of chromatin binding estimates in live cells"Zhao, Ziqing W ; Gebhardt, J Christof M; Suter, David M; Xie, X Sunney
May-2013Single-molecule imaging of transcription factor binding to DNA in live mammalian cellsGebhardt, J Christof M; Suter, David M; Roy, Rahul; Zhao, Ziqing W ; Chapman, Alec R; Basu, Srinjan; Maniatis, Tom; Xie, X Sunney
14-Jan-2014Spatial organization of RNA polymerase II inside a mammalian cell nucleus revealed by reflected light-sheet superresolution microscopyZhao, ZW ; Roy, R; Gebhardt, JCM; Suter, DM; Chapman, AR; Xie, XS
30-Jun-2020Superresolution imaging reveals spatiotemporal propagation of human replication foci mediated by CTCF-organized chromatin structuresSu, QP; Zhao, ZW ; Meng, L; Ding, M; Zhang, W; Li, Y; Liu, M; Li, R; Gao, YQ; Xie, XS; Sun, Y
1-Jan-2009Towards a human-on-chip: Culturing multiple cell types on a chip with compartmentalized microenvironmentsZhang, Chi ; Zhao, Ziqing ; Rahim, Nur Aida Abdul; van Noort, Danny; Yu, Hanry