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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A Dutch dysarthric speech database for individualized speech therapy researchYilmaz E. ; Ganzeboom M.; Beijer L.; Cucchiarini C.; Strik H.
2016A longitudinal bilingual Frisian-Dutch radio broadcast database designed for code-switching researchYilmaz E. ; Andringa M.; Kingma S.; Dijkstra J.; Van Der Kuip F.; Van De Velde H.; Kampstra F.; Algra J.; Van Den Heuvel H.; Van Leeuwen D.
Dec-2017A Real Time Study of Contact-Induced Language Change in Frisian Relative PronounsJ. Dijkstra; W. Heeringa; Yilmaz E. ; H. van den Heuvel; D. van Leeuwen; H. Van de Velde
2-Sep-2018Acoustic and Textual Data Augmentation for Improved ASR of Code-Switching SpeechYilmaz E. ; Henk van den Heuvel; David van Leeuwen
2015Adaptive noise dictionary design for noise robust exemplar matching of speechYilmaz E. ; Van Hamme H.; Gemmeke J.F.
25-May-2010Algorithms for estimating reverberation characteristics for single channel dereverberationYilmaz E. 
Sep-2016An ASR-based Interactive Game for Speech TherapyM. Ganzeboom; Yilmaz E. ; C. Cucchiarini; H. Strik
1-Aug-2010An Improved Algorithm for Blind Reverberation Time EstimationHeinrich W. Löllmann; Yilmaz E. ; Marco Jeub; Peter Vary
Nov-2019Articulatory and bottleneck features for speaker-independent ASR of dysarthric speechYilmaz, Emre ; Mitra, Vikramjit; Sivaraman, Ganesh; Franco, Horacio
Sep-2018Articulatory Features for ASR of Pathological SpeechYilmaz E. ; V. Mitra; C. Bartels; H. Franco
Sep-2018ASR-free CNN-DTW Keyword Spotting Using Multilingual Bottleneck Features for Almost Zero-Resource LanguagesR. Menon; H. Kamper; Yilmaz E. ; J. Quinn; T. Niesler
2014Automatic assessment of children's reading with the FLaVoR decoding using a phone confusion modelYilmaz E. ; Pelemans J.; Van Hamme H.
Aug-2013Automating Speech Reception Threshold Measurements Using Automatic Speech RecognitionH. Deprez; Yilmaz E. ; S. Lievens; H. Van hamme
Sep-2018Building a Unified Code-Switching ASR System for South African LanguagesYilmaz E. ; A. Biswas; E. Van der Westhuizen; F. De Wet; T. Niesler
7-Feb-2017Code-switching detection using multilingual DNNSYilmaz E. ; Henk van den Heuvel; David van Leeuwen
Sep-2018Code-Switching Detection with Data-Augmented Acoustic and Language ModelsYilmaz E. ; H. van den Heuvel; D. van Leeuwen
Sep-2012Combining Exemplar-based Matching and Exemplar-based Sparse Representations of SpeechYilmaz E. ; D. Van Compernolle; H. Van hamme
2016Combining non-pathological data of different language varieties to improve DNN-HMM performance on pathological speechYilmaz E. ; Ganzeboom M.; Cucchiarini C.; Strik H.
2016Data selection for noise robust exemplar matchingYilmaz E. ; Gemmeke J.F.; Van Hamme H.
2013Embedding time warping in exemplar-based sparse representations of speechYilmaz E. ; Gemmeke J.F.; Van Hamme H.