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2010Blurring of high-resolution data shows that the effect of intrinsic nucleosome occupancy on transcription factor binding is mostly regional, not localGoh W.S.; Orlov Y.; Li J.; Clarke N.D. 
2012Evaluating Methods for Isolating Total RNA and Predicting the Success of Sequencing Phylogenetically Diverse Plant TranscriptomesJohnson M.T.J.; Carpenter E.J.; Tian Z.; Bruskiewich R.; Burris J.N.; Carrigan C.T.; Chase M.W.; Clarke N.D. ; Covshoff S.; dePamphilis C.W.; Edger P.P.; Goh F.; Graham S.; Greiner S.; Hibberd J.M.; Jordon-Thaden I.; Kutchan T.M.; Leebens-Mack J.; Melkonian M.; Miles N.; Myburg H.; Patterson J.; Pires J.C.; Ralph P.; Rolf M.; Sage R.F.; Soltis D.; Soltis P.; Stevenson D.; Stewart C.N.; Surek B.; Thomsen C.J.M.; Villarreal J.C.; Wu X.; Zhang Y.; Deyholos M.K.; Wong G.K.-S.
2005Explicit equilibrium modeling of transcription-factor binding and gene regulation.Granek J.A.; Clarke N.D. 
19-Jul-2019Gains and losses of metabolic function inferred from a phylotranscriptomic analysis of algaeGoh, Falicia Qi Yun ; Jeyakani, Justin; Tipthara, Phornpimon; Cazenave-Gassiot, Amaury ; Ghosh, Rajoshi; Bogard, Nicholas ; Yeo, Zhenxuan; Wong, Gane Ka-Shu; Melkonian, Michael; Wenk, Markus R ; Clarke, Neil D 
2006Inferring direct regulatory targets from expression and genome location analyses: A comparison of transcription factor deletion and overexpressionTang L.; Liu X.; Clarke N.D. 
2010Success in the DREAM3 signaling response challenge using simple weighted-average imputation: Lessons for community-wide experiments in systems biologyClarke N.D. ; Bourque G. 
2010Towards a rigorous assessment of systems biology models: The DREAM3 challengesPrill R.J.; Marbach D.; Saez-Rodriguez J.; Sorger P.K.; Alexopoulos L.G.; Xue X.; Clarke N.D. ; Altan-Bonnet G.; Stolovitzky G.