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8-May-2017Agreement on the Establishment of the ASEAN Secretariat, 24th February 1976 (1331 UNTS 243), OXIO 196Diego Germán Mejía-Lemos 
1-Feb-2006Amicus curiae (excerpts)Diego Germán Mejía-Lemos 
15-Oct-2008Amicus curiae (excerpts)Diego Germán Mejía-Lemos 
9-Jul-2008Amicus curiae (excerpts)Diego Germán Mejía-Lemos 
31-May-2016Charter of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, 20th November 2007, OXIO 26Diego Germán Mejía-Lemos 
31-May-2016Difference over compliance with Award No 1/05 commenced by the Eastern Republic of Uruguay (Article 30 Protocol of Olivos), Uruguay v Argentina, Award, Award 01/2008, ITL 128 (MERCOSUR 2008), 25th April 2008, Permanent Review CourtDiego Germán Mejía-Lemos 
2012International Centre for Settlement of Investment DisputesDiego Germán Mejía-Lemos 
19-Mar-2018International Dispute Settlement: Key Trends and ProspectsDiego Germán Mejía-Lemos 
2014On Self-Reflectivity, Performativity, and Conditions for Existence of Sources of Law in International LawDiego Germán Mejía-Lemos 
2014On ‘obligations erga omnes partes’ in public international law: ‘erga omnes’ or ‘erga partes’? A Commentary on the Judgment of 20 July 2012 of the International Court of Justice in the Questions relating to the Obligation to Prosecute or Extradite (Belgium v. Senegal) caseDiego Germán Mejía-Lemos 
31-May-2016Request Submitted by the Supreme Court of Justice of Uruguay in Relation to Decisions of the Civil Court of First Instance No 1, in Connection With the Case of 'Estate of Carlos Schnek and ors v Ministry of Economy and Finance and ors’, Uruguay, AdvisoryDiego Germán Mejía-Lemos 
4-Jul-2017Rules of Procedure of the Administrative Council of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, 19th September 1900, OXIO 234Diego Germán Mejía-Lemos 
2012The Andean CommunityDiego Germán Mejía-Lemos 
2012The Association of Southeast Asian NationsDiego Germán Mejía-Lemos 
27-Dec-2007The Constitutional Framework for Securities Market self-Regulation in Colombia: An Analysis of how the Constitutional Court Contradicts its Established Precedent with no Reason at allJose Miguel Calderón-López; Diego Germán Mejía-Lemos 
31-May-2016United States - Imposition of Countervailing Duties on Certain Hot-Rolled Lead and Bismuth Carbon Steel Products Originating in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, European Community v United States, Panel report, SCM/185, ITL 074 (GATT 1994), 15th NoDiego Germán Mejía-Lemos 
9-Jan-2013Venezuela's Denunciation of the American Convention on Human RightsDiego Germán Mejía-Lemos