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27-Apr-2020Bitcoin: Speculative Asset or Innovative Technology?Adrian D. Lee; Li Mengling; Zheng Huanhuan 
19-Nov-2019Can Money Buy Friendship? Evidence from International Aid and Political RelationsCHEN LI; ZHENG HUANHUAN 
1-Sep-2018Chinese Outwards Mercantilism – the Art and Practice of BundlingJOSHUA AIZENMAN; YOTHIN JINJARAK; ZHENG HUANHUAN 
17-Aug-2020Coordinated Bubbles and CrashesZHENG HUANHUAN 
27-May-2019FDI on the Move: Cross-border M&A and Migrant NetworksJackie M.L. Chan; ZHENG HUANHUAN 
17-Aug-2020Fighting Trade War with FDI Policy ReformsZHENG HUANHUAN 
1-Apr-2020Good-Bye Original Sin, Hello Risk On-Off, Financial Fragility, and Crises?Joshua Aizenman; Yothin Jinjarak; Donghyun Park; Zheng Huanhuan 
1-Sep-2019Housing Bubbles, Economic Growth, and InstitutionsJOSHUA AIZENMAN; YOTHIN JINJARAK; ZHENG HUANHUAN 
27-Apr-2020Housing Policies in Greater China and SingaporeZhang Yang; Zhang Qingyong; Zheng Huanhuan 
1-Jul-2019Margin Trade, Short Sales and Financial StabilitySNG HUI YING; ZHANG YANG; ZHENG HUANHUAN 
1-Jul-2020Original Sin and Deviations from Covered Interest ParityZheng Huanhuan 
27-Jul-2019Potentials and opportunities towards the Low Carbon Technologies – From literature review to new classificationJULIE METTAA; AN YAO; ZHENG HUANHUAN ; ZHANG LIN
1-Sep-2019Price Informativeness and Adaptive TradingZHENG HUANHUAN ; CHEN HAIQIANG
27-Jul-2020The Hybrid Regulatory Regime in Turbulent Times: The Role of State in China’s Stock Market Crisis in 2015-2016Li Chen; Zheng Huanhuan ; Liu Yunbo
12-Sep-2019The role of political connection on overinvestment of Chinese energy firmsYU XIAOJUN; YAO YAO; ZHENG HUANHUAN ; ZHANG LIN