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1-Dec-2019CFD simulation of a fluidized bed reactor for biomass chemical looping gasification with continuous feedstockZhenwei Li; Hongpeng Xu ; Wenming Yang ; Anqi Zhou; Mingchen Xu 
15-Oct-2018Development of a new jet fuel surrogate and its associated reaction mechanism coupled with a multistep soot model for diesel engine combustionYu, W ; Tay, K ; Zhao, F ; Yang, W ; Li, H; Xu, H 
1-Feb-2021Development of a numerical model for co-combustion of the blended solid waste fuel in the grate boilerZHOU ANQI ; XU HONGPENG ; Meng Xiaoxiao; YANG WENMING ; Sun Rui
5-May-2019Integrated analysis of CFD simulation data with K-means clustering algorithm for soot formation under varied combustion conditionsYu, W ; Zhao, F ; Yang, W ; Xu, H 
15-Jun-2019Numerical investigation and thermodynamic analysis of syngas production through chemical looping gasification using biomass as fuel.Zhenwei Li; Hongpeng Xu ; Wenming Yang ; Mingchen Xu ; Feiyang Zhao 
1-Mar-2020Numerical investigation of biomass co-combustion with methane in grate boiler for NOx reductionAnqi Zhou; Hongpeng Xu ; Mingchen Xu ; Wenbin Yu ; Zhenwei Li; Wenming Yang 
2018Numerical study of biomass grate boiler with coupled time-dependent fuel bed model and computational fluid dynamics based freeboard modelAnqi Zhou; Hongpeng Xu ; Wenming Yang ; Yaojie Tu ; Mingchen Xu ; Wenbin Yu