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1-Oct-2020DNA damage signalling as an anti-cancer barrier in gastric intestinal metaplasiaKrishnan, Vaidehi ; Lim, Debbie Xiu En ; Hoang, Phuong Mai ; Srivastava, Supriya ; Matsuo, Junichi ; Huang, Kie Kyon ; Zhu, Feng ; Ho, Khek Yu ; So, Jimmy Bok Yan ; Khor, Christopher ; Tsao, Stephen; Teh, Ming ; Fock, Kwong Ming ; Ang, Tiing Leong ; Jeyasekharan, Anand D ; Tan, Patrick ; Yeoh, Khay-Guan ; Ito, Yoshiaki 
1-Mar-2019Epigenomic promoter alterations predict for benefit from immune checkpoint inhibition in metastatic gastric cancerSundar, R ; Huang, KK ; Qamra, A; Kim, K-M; Kim, ST; Kang, WK; Tan, ALK; Lee, J; Tan, P 
2016Exome sequencing reveals recurrent REV3L mutations in cisplatin-resistant squamous cell carcinoma of head and neckHuang, K.K ; Jang, K.W; Kim, S; Kim, H.S; Kim, S.-M; Kwon, H.J; Kim, H.R; Yun, H.J; Ahn, M.J; Park, K.U; Ramnarayanan, K ; McPherson, J.R ; Zhang, S ; Rhee, J.-K; Vettore, A.L ; Das, K ; Ishimoto, T ; Kim, J.H; Koh, Y.W; Kim, S.H; Choi, E.C; Teh, B.T ; Rozen, S.G ; Kim, T.-M; Tan, P ; Cho, B.C
1-Jul-2016High efficacy of BAY 1187982, an FGFR2-ADC, in overcoming drug resistance in a diffuse type gastric cancer patient-derived xenograft model with acquired resistance to pan-FGFR inhibitor AZD4547Lau, Wen Min ; Teng, Eileen ; Huang, Kie Kyon ; Tan, Jin Wei ; Teh, Ming ; Yong, Wei Peng ; Sommer, Anette; Schatz, Christoph A; Tan, Patrick ; Chan, Shing Leng ; So, Jimmy 
2015Mutational landscapes of tongue carcinoma reveal recurrent mutations in genes of therapeutic and prognostic relevanceVettore A.L. ; Ramnarayanan K. ; Poore G.; Lim K. ; Ong C.K.; Huang K.K. ; Leong H.S.; Chong F.T.; Lim T.K.-H.; Lim W.K.; Cutcutache I.; Mcpherson J.R.; Suzuki Y.; Zhang S.; Skanthakumar T.; Wang W.; Tan D.S.W.; Cho B.C.; Teh B.T.; Rozen S.; Tan P.; Iyer N.G.