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1-Dec-2020A solution-processable and ultra-permeable conjugated microporous thermoset for selective hydrogen separationLIU WEI ; JIANG SHUDONG ; Yan, Y; Wang, W; LI JING ; LENG KAI ; SUSILO JAPIP ; Liu, J; XU HAI ; LIU YANPENG ; PARK IN-HYEOK ; BAO YANG ; Yu, W; Guiver, MD; Zhang Sui ; LOH KIAN PING 
22-Nov-2018Advanced Porous Materials in Mixed Matrix MembranesCheng, Youdong ; Ying, Yunpan ; Japip, Susilo ; Jiang, Shu-Dong; Chung, Tai-Shung ; Zhang, Sui ; Zhao, Dan 
12-Aug-2017From ultrafiltration to nanofiltration: Hydrazine cross-linked polyacrylonitrile hollow fiber membranes for organic solvent nanofiltrationHui Min Tham ; Kai Yu Wang ; Dan Hua ; Susilo Japip ; Tai-Shung Chung 
12-Jan-2018Graphene oxide (GO) laminar membranes for concentrating pharmaceuticals and food additives in organic solventsLi Bofan ; Cui Yue ; Susilo Japip ; Thong Zhiwei ; Chung Tai-Shung, Neal 
10-Jun-2018Green Design of Poly(m-Phenylene Isophthalamide)-Based Thin-Film Composite Membranes for Organic Solvent Nanofiltration and Concentrating Lecithin in HexaneHUA DAN ; SUSILO JAPIP ; WANG KAIYU ; CHUNG TAI-SHUNG, NEAL 
14-Jun-2018Green Layer‐by‐Layer Method for the Preparation of Polyacrylonitrile‐Supported Zinc Benzene‐1,4‐dicarboxylic Acid MembranesHui Min Tham ; Susilo Japip ; Dan Hua ; Tai-Shung Chung 
24-Jul-2018Organic solvent resistant membranes made from a functionalized polymer with intrinsic microporosity (PIM) containing thioamide groups and a novel trimesoyl chloride (TMC) modificationGAO JIE ; SUSILO JAPIP ; CHUNG TAI-SHUNG,NEAL 
30-Jan-2018Precise Molecular Sieving Architectures with Janus Pathways for Both Polar and Nonpolar MoleculesLIU JIANGTAO ; HUA DAN ; ZHANG YU ; SUSILO JAPIP ; CHUNG TAI-SHUNG, NEAL 
27-Jun-2019WS2 deposition on cross-linked polyacrylonitrile with synergistic transformation to yield organic solvent nanofiltration membranesHui Min Tham ; Susilo Japip ; Tai-Shung Chung