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20-Sep-2018Aberrant hyperediting of the myeloma transcriptome by ADAR1 confers oncogenicity and is a marker of poor prognosisTeoh, Phaik Ju ; An, Omer ; Chung, Tae-Hoon ; Chooi, Jing Yuan ; Toh, Sabrina HM ; Fan, Shuangyi ; Wang, Wilson ; Koh, Bryan TH; Fullwood, Melissa J ; Ooi, Melissa G ; de Mel, Sanjay; Soekojo, Cinnie Y; Chen, Leilei ; Ng, Siok Bian ; Yang, Henry ; Chng, Wee Joo 
6-Sep-2018Bidirectional regulation of adenosine-to-inosine (A-to-I) RNA editing by DEAH box helicase 9 (DHX9) in cancerHong, HuiQi ; An, Omer ; Chan, Tim HM ; Ng, Vanessa HE ; Kwok, Hui Si ; Lin, Jaymie S ; Qi, Lihua ; Han, Jian ; Tay, Daryl JT ; Tang, Sze Jing ; Yang, Henry ; Song, Yangyang ; Molias, Fernando Bellido ; Tenen, Daniel G ; Chen, Leilei 
9-Mar-2018Exploring the roles for repressive and quiescent chromatin regions in 3D organization of the human genomeCai, Yichao; Loh, Yan Ping ; Tng, Jia Qi ; Lim, Mei Chee ; Babu, Deepak ; An, Omer ; Yang, Henry ; Tucker-Kellogg, Greg ; Fullwood, Melissa Jane 
29-Nov-2018Identification of a Novel CEBPE Enhancer Essential for Granulocytic DifferentiationShyamsunder, Pavithra ; Shanmugasundaram, Mahalakshmi; Mayakonda, Anand ; Teoh, Weoi Woon ; Han, Lin; Lim, Mei Chee ; Fullwood, Melissa ; An, Omer ; Yang, Henry ; Shi, Jizhong ; Hossain, Md Zakhir ; Madan, Vikas ; Koeffler, H Phillip 
5-Apr-2019Identification of a novel enhancer of CEBPE essential for granulocytic differentiation.Shyamsunder, Pavithra ; Shanmugasundaram, Mahalakshmi; Mayakonda, Anand ; Dakle, Pushkar ; Teoh, Weoi Woon ; Han, Lin; Kanojia, Deepika ; Lim, Mei Chee ; Fullwood, Melissa ; An, Omer ; Yang, Henry ; Jizhong, Shi ; Hossain, Md Zakir ; Madan, Vikas ; Koeffler, H Phillip 
8-Jan-2019MethMotif: an integrative cell specific database of transcription factor binding motifs coupled with DNA methylation profilesLin, Quy Xiao Xuan; Sian, Stephanie ; An, Omer ; Thieffry, Denis ; Jha, Sudhakar ; Benoukraf, Touati 
26-Sep-2018Mitochondrial uncoupling reveals a novel therapeutic opportunity for p53-defective cancersKumar, R ; Coronel, L; Somalanka, B; Raju, A; Aning, OA; An, O ; Ho, YS; Chen, S; Mak, SY; Hor, PY; Yang, H ; Lakshmanan, M ; Itoh, H; Tan, SY ; Lim, YK ; Wong, APC ; Chew, SH; Huynh, TH ; Goh, BC ; Lim, CY ; Tergaonkar, V ; Cheok, CF 
1-May-2019Mutational and transcriptomic profiling of acute leukemia of ambiguous lineage reveals obscure but clinically important lineage biasLao, ZT ; Ding, LW ; An, O ; Hattori, N; Sun, QY ; Tan, KT ; Mayakonda, A ; Chuan, WG ; Madan, V ; Lin, DC ; Yang, H ; Koeffler, HP 
1-Jan-2014NCG 4.0: The network of cancer genes in the era of massive mutational screenings of cancer genomesAn, O ; Pendino, V; D'Antonio, M; Ratti, E; Gentilini, M; Ciccarelli, FD
1-Jan-2016NCG 5.0: Updates of a manually curated repository of cancer genes and associated properties from cancer mutational screeningsAn, O ; Dall'Olio, GM; Mourikis, TP; Ciccarelli, FD
1-Nov-2018NSCLC PATIENTS WITH BOTH WILDTYPE EGFR AND HIGH CD151 EXPRESSION HAVE POORER DISEASE OUTCOMEWong, Amanda; Nga, Min En ; Wong, Hung Chew; Soo, Ross ; An, Omer ; Yang, Henry ; Tam, John KC ; Seet, Ju Ee ; Lim, Yaw Chyn ; Thai, Tran 
1-Jun-2013Structural and functional analysis of perforin mutations in association with clinical data of familial hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis type 2 (FHL2) patientsAn, O ; Gursoy, A; Gurgey, A; Keskin, O
1-Jun-2018Super-Enhancer-Driven Long Non-Coding RNA LINC01503, Regulated by TP63, Is Over-Expressed and Oncogenic in Squamous Cell CarcinomaXie, Jian-Jun; Jiang, Yan-Yi ; Jiang, Yuan ; Li, Chun-Quan; Lim, Mei-Chee ; An, Omer ; Mayakonda, Anand; Ding, Ling-Wen ; Long, Lin; Sun, Chun; Lin, Le-Hang; Chen, Li; Wu, Jian-Yi; Wu, Zhi-Yong; Cao, Qi; Fang, Wang-Kai; Yang, Wei; Soukiasian, Harmik; Meltzer, Stephen J; Yang, Henry ; Fullwood, Melissa ; Xu, Li-Yan; Li, En-Min; Lin, De-Chen ; Koeffler, H Phillip 
10-May-2019The enhancer RNA ARIEL activates the oncogenic transcriptional program in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.Tan, Shi Hao ; Leong, Wei Zhong ; Ngoc, Phuong Cao Thi ; Tan, Tze King ; Bertulfo, Fatima Carla ; Lim, Mei Chee ; An, Omer ; Li, Zhenhua ; Yeoh, Allen Eng Juh ; Fullwood, Melissa J ; Tenen, Daniel G ; Sanda, Takaomi