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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Jan-2020A 7×7×2 mm3 8.6μW 500kb/s Transmitter with Robust Injection-Locking Based Frequency-to-Amplitude Conversion Receiver Targeting for Implantable ApplicationsTHEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
2019A Compact Model for 2-D Poly-MoS2 FETs With Resistive Switching in Postsynaptic SimulationWang, L. ; Wang, L.; Ang, K.-W. ; Thean, A.V.-Y. ; Liang, G. 
6-Feb-2019A flexible InGaAs nanomembrane PhotoFET with tunable responsivities in near-and short-wave IR region for lightweight imaging applicationsTHEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
1-Dec-2019A fully-printed flexible MoS2 memristive artificial synapse with femto joules switching energyTHEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
15-Jan-2020A highly sensitive graphene oxide based label-free capacitive aptasensor for vanilin detectionTHEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
2018A Physics-Based Compact Model for Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides Transistors With the Band-Tail EffectTHEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
2020A Stretchable‐Hybrid Low‐Power Monolithic ECG Patch with Microfluidic Liquid‐Metal Interconnects and Stretchable Carbon‐Black Nanocomposite Electrodes for Wearable Heart MonitoringTHEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
15-Nov-2019All WSe2 1T1R resistive RAM cell for future monolithic 3D embedded memory integrationTHEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
2018Bendable and Stretchable Microfluidic Liquid Metal-Based FilterTHEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
2019Highly Scaled Strained Silicon-On-Insulator Technology for the 5G Era: Impact of Geometry and Annealing on Strain Retention and Device Performance of nMOSFETsTHEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
2019Liquid-Metal-Elastomer Foam for Moldable Multi-Functional Triboelectric Energy Harvesting and Force SensingTHEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
14-Jun-2018Percolation theory based statistical resistance model for resistive random access memoryWANG LINGFEI ; THEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
9-Nov-2019Plasmonic interconnects for global wires in integrated circuitsSoo-jin Chua ; Yan Liu ; Lu Ding; Aaron Thean ; Ting Mei; Christian A. Nijhuis 
2016Polarity control in WSe2 double-gate transistorsResta, G.V; Sutar, S; Balaji, Y; Lin, D; Raghavan, P; Radu, I; Catthoor, F; Thean, A ; Gaillardon, P.-E; De Micheli, G
2017Processing technologies for advanced Ge devicesLoo, R; Hikavyy, A.Y; Witters, L; Schulze, A; Arimura, H; Cott, D; Mitard, J; Porret, C; Mertens, H; Ryan, P; Wall, J; Matney, K; Wormington, M; Favia, P; Richard, O; Bender, H; Thean, A ; Horiguchi, N; Mocuta, D; Collaert, N
2019Self-powered glove-based intuitive interface for diversified control applications in real/cyber spaceTHEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
2018Self‐Powered Cursor Using a Triboelectric MechanismTHEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
2018A surface potential based compact model for two-dimensional field effect transistors with disorders induced transition behaviorsTHEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
16-Sep-2020The Design of CMOS-Compatible Plasmonic Waveguides for Intra-Chip CommunicationYan Liu ; Lu Ding; Yu Cao; Dongyang Wan; Huanghui Yuan; Baohu Huang; Aaron Voon-Yew Thean ; Ting Mei; Thirumalai Venkatesan ; Chua Soo-jin