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201627 years of benthic and coral community dynamics on turbid, highly urbanised reefs off SingaporeGuest, J.R; Tun, K; Low, J; Vergés, A; Marzinelli, E.M; Campbell, A.H; Bauman, A.G ; Feary, D.A; Chou, L.M ; Steinberg, P.D
20-May-2020Accreting coral reefs in a highly urbanized environmentJanuchowski-Hartley, Fraser A; Bauman, Andrew G ; Morgan, Kyle M; Seah, Jovena CL ; Huang, Danwei ; Todd, Peter A 
2019Allelopathic effects of macroalgae on Pocillopora acuta coral larvaeJENNY FONG; ZI WEI LIM; BAUMAN, ANDREW GEOFFREY ; VALIYAVEETTIL, SURESH ; LAWRENCE M. LIAO; YIP ZHI TING ; PETER ALAN TODD 
12-Sep-2019Characterization of fungal biodiversity and communities associated with the reef macroalga Sargassum ilicifolium reveals fungal community differentiation according to geographic locality and algal structureWainwright B.J. ; Bauman A.G. ; Zahn G.L.; PETER ALAN TODD ; Huang D. 
2017Demographic mechanisms of reef coral species winnowing from communities under increased environmental stressRiegl, B; Cavalcante, G; Bauman, A.G ; Feary, D.A; Steiner, S; Purkis, S
2018Effect of coral-algal interactions on early life history processes in Pocillopora acuta in a highly disturbed coral reef systemLeong, R.C; Marzinelli, E.M; Low, J; Bauman, A.G ; Lim, E.W.X; Lim, C.Y; Steinberg, P.D; Guest, J.R
Feb-2020Effects of macroalgae on coral fecundity in a degraded coral reef systemYann Monteil; TEO YI SHENG, AARON ; Jenny Fong ; BAUMAN, ANDREW GEOFFREY ; PETER ALAN TODD 
1-Oct-2019Fear effects associated with predator presence and habitat structure interact to alter herbivory on coral reefsBAUMAN, ANDREW GEOFFREY ; SEAH CHUN LING JOVENA ; Fraser A Januchowski-Hartley; Andrew S Hoey; Jenny Fong ; PETER ALAN TODD 
2011Global human footprint on the linkage between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in reef fishesMora C.; Aburto-Oropeza O.; Ayala-Bocos A.; Ayotte P.M.; Banks S.; Bauman A.G. ; Beger M.; Bessudo S.; Booth D.J.; Brokovich E.; Brooks A.; Chabanet P.; Cinner J.E.; Cortés J.; Cruz-Motta J.J.; Cupul-Magaña A.; DeMartini E.E.; Edgar G.J.; Feary D.A.; Ferse S.C.A.; Friedlander A.M.; Gaston K.J.; Gough C.; Graham N.A.J.; Green A.; Guzman H.; Hardt M.; Kulbicki M.; Letourneur Y.; López Pérez A.; Loreau M.; Loya Y.; Martinez C.; Mascareñas-Osorio I.; Morove T.; Nadon M.-O.; Nakamura Y.; Paredes G.; Polunin N.V.C.; Pratchett M.S.; Reyes Bonilla H.; Rivera F.; Sala E.; Sandin S.A.; Soler G.; Stuart-Smith R.; Tessier E.; Tittensor D.P.; Tupper M.; Usseglio P.; Vigliola L.; Wantiez L.; Williams I.; Wilson S.K.; Zapata F.A.
22-Jun-2020Low Symbiodiniaceae diversity in a turbid marginal reef environmentEG Smith; A Gurskaya; BCC Hume; CR Voolstra; PA Todd ; AG Bauman ; JA Burt
2017Macroalgal browsing on a heavily degraded, urbanized equatorial reef systemBauman, A.G ; Hoey, A.S; Dunshea, G; Feary, D.A; Low, J; Todd, P.A 
29-Jan-2019Seasonal variation of Sargassum ilicifolium (Phaeophyceae) growth on equatorial coral reefsJEFFREY K. Y. LOW ; JENNY FONG; PETER ALAN TODD ; CHOU LOKE MING ; BAUMAN, ANDREW GEOFFREY 
2018Species-specific coral calcification responses to the extreme environment of the southern Persian GulfHowells, E.J; Dunshea, G; McParland, D; Vaughan, G.O; Heron, S.F; Pratchett, M.S; Burt, J.A; Bauman, A.G 
26-Oct-2018Trophic plasticity in an obligate corallivorous butterflyfishDavid A Feary; BAUMAN, ANDREW GEOFFREY ; JAMES ROLFE GUEST ; Andrew S Hoey