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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A bayesian approach for analysis of whole-genome bisulfite sequencing data identifies disease-associated changes in DNA methylationRackham, O.J.L ; Langley, S.R ; Oates, T; Vradi, E; Harmston, N ; Srivastava, P.K; Behmoaras, J; Dellaportas, P; Bottolo, L; Petretto, E 
2017An embryonic system to assess direct and indirect Wnt transcriptional targetsSuresh, J; Harmston, N ; Lim, K.K; Kaur, P ; Jin, H.J; Lusk, J.B; Petretto, E ; Tolwinski, N.S 
2018Biologically relevant laminin as chemically defined and fully human platform for human epidermal keratinocyte cultureTjin, M.S ; Chua, A.W.C; Moreno-Moral, A ; Chong, L.Y ; Tang, P.Y; Harmston, N.P ; Cai, Z ; Petretto, E ; Tan, B.K; Tryggvason, K 
2018Changes in macrophage transcriptome associate with systemic sclerosis and mediate GSDMA contribution to disease riskMoreno-Moral, A ; Bagnati, M; Koturan, S; Ko, J.-H; Fonseca, C; Harmston, N ; Game, L; Martin, J; Ong, V; Abraham, D.J; Denton, C.P; Behmoaras, J; Petretto, E 
2015GenomicInteractions: An R/Bioconductor package for manipulating and investigating chromatin interaction dataHarmston, N ; Ing-Simmons, E; Perry, M; Bareši, A; Lenhard, B.
19-Mar-2019In Vivo Generation of Post-infarct Human Cardiac Muscle by Laminin-Promoted Cardiovascular ProgenitorsYap, Lynn; Wang, Jiong-Wei ; Moreno-Moral, Aida ; Chong, Li Yen ; Sun, Yi; Harmston, Nathan ; Wang, Xiaoyuan ; Chong, Suet Yen ; Ohman, Miina K ; Wei, Heming ; Bunte, Ralph ; Gosh, Sujoy; Cook, Stuart ; Hovatta, Outi; de Kleijn, Dominique P; Petretto, Enrico ; Tryggvason, Karl 
2017Topologically associating domains are ancient features that coincide with Metazoan clusters of extreme noncoding conservationHarmston, N ; Ing-Simmons, E; Tan, G; Perry, M; Merkenschlager, M; Lenhard, B