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2017Complex regulation of neutrophil-derived MMP-9 secretion in central nervous system tuberculosisOng, C.W.M ; Pabisiak, P.J; Brilha, S; Singh, P; Roncaroli, F; Elkington, P.T; Friedland, J.S
2020Epidemic and pandemic viral infections: impact on tuberculosis and the lung. A consensus by the World Association for Infectious Diseases and Immunological Disorders (WAidid), Global Tuberculosis Network (GTN) and members# of ESCMID Study Group for Mycobacterial Infections (ESGMYC)Min Ong, Catherine Wei ; Migliori, Giovanni Battista; Raviglione, Mario; MacGregor-Skinner, Gavin; Sotgiu, Giovanni; Alffenaar, Jan-Willem; Tiberi, Simon; Adlhoch, Cornelia; Alonzi, Tonino; Archuleta, Sophia ; Brusin, Sergio; Cambau, Emmanuelle; Capobianchi, Maria Rosaria; Castilletti, Concetta; Centis, Rosella; Cirillo, Daniela M; D'Ambrosio, Lia; Delogu, Giovanni; Esposito, Susanna MR; Figueroa, Jose; Friedland, Jon S; Choon Heng, Benjamin Ho; Ippolito, Giuseppe; Jankovic, Mateja; Kim, Hannah Yejin; Klintz, Senia Rosales; Ködmön, Csaba; Lalle, Eleonora; Leo, Yee Sin ; Leung, Chi-Chiu; Märtson, Anne-Grete; Melazzini, Mario; Najafi Fard, Saeid; Penttinen, Pasi; Petrone, Linda; Petruccioli, Elisa; Pontali, Emanuele; Saderi, Laura; Santin, Miguel; Spanevello, Antonio; van Crevel, Reinout; van der Werf, Marieke J; Visca, Dina; Viveiros, Miguel; Zellweger, Jean Pierre; Zumla, Alimuddin; Goletti, Delia
2018Erratum to: Matrix metalloproteinase-9 activity and a downregulated Hedgehog pathway impair blood-brain barrier function in an in vitro model of CNS tuberculosis (Scientific Reports, (2017), 7, 1, (16031), 10.1038/s41598-017-16250-3)Brilha S.; Ong C.W.M. ; Weksler B.; Romero N.; Couraud P.-O.; Friedland J.S.
2018Hypoxia increases neutrophil-driven matrix destruction after exposure to Mycobacterium tuberculosisOng, C.W.M ; Fox, K; Ettorre, A; Elkington, P.T; Friedland, J.S
2018Integrin à2?1 expression regulates matrix metalloproteinase-1-dependent bronchial epithelial repair in pulmonary tuberculosisBrilha S.; Chong D.L.W.; Khawaja A.A.; Ong C.W.M. ; Guppy N.J.; Porter J.C.; Friedland J.S.
2-Apr-2020Interim treatment guidelines for COVID-19 (version 1.0), Singapore.Vasoo, Shawn; TAN THUAN TONG ; SOPHIA ARCHULETA ; DAVID LYE CHIEN BOON ; Thong, Bernard; Howe, Hwee Siew; Kwa, Andrea ; Law, Hwa Lin; Hoo, Grace; Lin, Raymond ; Tan, Lisa; Foo, Yang Tong; ONG KIAT HOE ; Kurup, Asok ; Lee, Tau Hong; CATHERINE ONG WEI MIN ; Ang, Brenda
6-Jul-2020Interim Treatment Guidelines for COVID-19 (Version 3.0, dated 6th July 2020)Vasoo, Shawn; Tan, Thuan Tong ; Archuleta, Sophia ; Lye, David ; Thong, Bernard; Howe, Hwee Siew; Cross, Gail ; Kwa, Andrea ; Law, Hwa Lin; Hoo, Grace; Lin, Raymond; Tan, Lisa; Foo, Yang Tong; Ong, Kiat Hoe ; Kurup, Asok ; Lee, Tau Hong; Ong, Wei Min Catherine ; Ang, Brenda
2017Matrix metalloproteinase-9 activity and a downregulated Hedgehog pathway impair blood-brain barrier function in an in vitro model of CNS tuberculosisBrilha, S; Ong, C.W.M ; Weksler, B; Romero, N; Couraud, P.-O; Friedland, J.S
6-Mar-2019Ministry of Health: Screening Test Review Committee Guidelines Published 6 March 2019.CATHERINE ONG WEI MIN 
2011Mycobacterium tuberculosis-infected human monocytes down-regulate microglial MMP-2 secretion in CNS tuberculosis via TNF?, NF?B, p38 and caspase 8 dependent pathwaysGreen, J.A; Dholakia, S; Janczar, K; Ong, C.W.M ; Moores, R; Fry, J; Elkington, P.T; Roncaroli, F; Friedland, J.S
2015Neutrophil-Derived MMP-8 Drives AMPK-Dependent Matrix Destruction in Human Pulmonary TuberculosisOng C.W.M. ; Elkington P.T.; Brilha S.; Ugarte-Gil C.; Tome-Esteban M.T.; Tezera L.B.; Pabisiak P.J.; Moores R.C.; Sathyamoorthy T.; Patel V.; Gilman R.H.; Porter J.C.; Friedland J.S.
23-May-2020Position Statement from the National Centre for Infectious Diseases and the Chapter of Infectious Disease Physicians, Academy of Medicine, Singapore: Period of Infectivity to Inform Strategies for De-isolation for COVID-19 Patients.CATHERINE ONG WEI MIN 
2020Study Protocol for Doxycycline and the modulation of host immunopathology in human pulmonary tuberculosis: A pilot studyCATHERINE ONG WEI MIN ; NICHOLAS IAIN JAMES PATON ; FELICIA TEO SU WEI ; Alvin Wang Dingyuan; Wang Yee Tang; Cynthia Chee; Gan Suay Hong; Thomas Dick; Paul Elkington; Jon Friedland
1-Jan-2021TB and COVID-19 co-infection: rationale and aims of a global studyWei Min Catherine Ong ; The TB/COVID-19 Global Study Group