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2016Are current case-finding methods underdiagnosing tuberculosis among women in Myanmar? An analysis of operational data from Yangon and the nationwide prevalence surveyKhan M.S. ; Khine T.M.; Hutchison C.; Coker R.J. ; Hane K.M.; Innes A.L.; Aung S.
2016Economic interventions to improve population health: A scoping study of systematic reviewsKhan M.S. ; Guan B.Y.; Audimulam J. ; Cervero Liceras F. ; Coker R.J. ; Yoong J. 
2017Evaluations of training programs to improve human resource capacity for HIV, malaria, and TB control: A systematic scoping review of methods applied and outcomes assessedWu, S ; Roychowdhury, I ; Khan, M 
2017Financial barriers and coping strategies: a qualitative study of accessing multidrug-resistant tuberculosis and tuberculosis care in Yunnan, ChinaHutchison, C; Khan, M.S ; Yoong, J ; Lin, X; Coker, R.J 
2016Investments in tuberculosis research - what are the gaps?Khan M.S. ; Fletcher H.; Coker R.
2012Novel methodology to assess sputum smear microscopy quality in private laboratoriesCodlin A.J.; Javaid M.; Qazi F.; Khan M.S. 
2015Quantitatively evaluating the effect of social barriers: A case-control study of family members' opposition and women's intention to use contraception in PakistanKhan M.S. ; Hashmani F.N.; Ahmed O.; Khan M.; Ahmed S.; Syed S.; Qazi F.
2017Risk factors that may be driving the emergence of drug resistance in tuberculosis patients treated in Yangon, MyanmarKhan M.S. ; Hutchison C.; Coker R.J. 
2016The effect of early versus late treatment initiation after diagnosis on the outcomes of patients treated for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: A systematic reviewHarris R.C.; Grandjean L.; Martin L.J.; Miller A.J.P.; Nkang J.-E.N.; Allen V.; Khan M.S. ; Fielding K.; Moore D.A.J.
2016The effect of surgery on the outcome of treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: A systematic review and meta-analysisHarris R.C.; Khan M.S. ; Martin L.J.; Allen V.; Moore D.A.J.; Fielding K.; Grandjean L.; Amini A.; Buchanan R.; Krutikov M.
2017Tuberculosis active case finding in Cambodia: A pragmatic, cost-effectiveness comparison of three implementation modelsJames, R ; Khim, K; Boudarene, L ; Yoong, J ; Phalla, C; Saint, S; Koeut, P; Mao, T.E; Coker, R; Khan, M.S