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1-Jul-2018An optimization method for formulating model-based jet fuel surrogate by emulating physical, gas phase chemical properties and threshold sooting index (TSI) of real jet fuel under engine relevant conditionsYu, W ; Yang, W ; Tay, K ; Zhao, F 
15-Sep-2020Development of a highly compact and robust chemical reaction mechanism for the oxidation of tetrahydrofurans under engine relevant conditionsWu, S ; Tay, KL ; Yu, W ; Lin, Q; Li, H; Zhao, F ; Yang, W 
1-Jan-2020Development of a Highly Compact and Robust Chemical Reaction Mechanism for Unsaturated Furan Oxidation in Internal Combustion Engines via a Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm and Generalized Polynomial ChaosTay, Kun Lin ; Yang, Wenming ; Zhao, Feiyang ; Lin, Qinjie; Wu, Shaohua 
15-Oct-2018Development of a new jet fuel surrogate and its associated reaction mechanism coupled with a multistep soot model for diesel engine combustionYu, W ; Tay, K ; Zhao, F ; Yang, W ; Li, H; Xu, H 
1-Mar-2020Experimental study on engine combustion and particle size distributions fueled with Jet A-1Yu, Wenbin ; Zong, Yichen ; Lin, Qinjie; Tay, Kunlin ; Zhao, Feiyang ; Yang, Wenming ; Kraft, Markus
5-May-2019Integrated analysis of CFD simulation data with K-means clustering algorithm for soot formation under varied combustion conditionsYu, W ; Zhao, F ; Yang, W ; Xu, H 
15-Jun-2019Numerical investigation and thermodynamic analysis of syngas production through chemical looping gasification using biomass as fuel.Zhenwei Li; Hongpeng Xu ; Wenming Yang ; Mingchen Xu ; Feiyang Zhao 
2-Aug-2019Predictive study of ultra-low emissions from dual-fuel engine using Artificial Neural Networks combined with Genetic algorithmWenbin Yu ; Feiyang Zhao 
1-Jul-2020Qualitative analysis of particulate matter emission from diesel engine fueled with Jet A-1 under multivariate combustion boundaries by principal component analysisYu, W ; Zhao, F ; Yang, W