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25-Jul-2019An automated 3D-printed smartphone platform integrated with optoelectrowetting (OEW) microfluidic chip for on-site monitoring of viable algae in waterBAE SUNG WOO ; Seunguk Lee ; Si Kuan Thio ; Sung-Yong Park 
2016Measurement of Prestressing Force in Pretensioned UHPC Deck Using a Fiber Optic FBG Sensor Embedded in a 7-Wire StrandKim J.-M.; Kim H.-W.; Choi S.-Y.; Park S.-Y. 
11-Jan-2020Plasmonic nanoparticle-enhanced optoelectrowetting (OEW) for effective light-driven droplet manipulationBAE SUNG WOO ; Si Kuan Thio ; Sung-Yong Park 
21-May-2019Rapid and in-situ detection of fecal indicator bacteria in water using simple DNA extraction and portable loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) PCR methodsBAE SUNG WOO ; Seunguk Lee ; Valerie Khoo Si Ling; Carl Angelo Dulatre Medriano; Taewoo Lee ; Sung-Yong Park 
2013Risk of second cancer from scattered radiation of intensity-modulated radiotherapies with lung cancerKim D.W.; Chung W.K.; Shin D.; Hong S.; Park S.H.; Park S.-Y. ; Chung K.; Lim Y.K.; Shin D.; Lee S.B.; Lee H.-H.; Yoon M.
2014Risk of secondary cancers from scattered radiation during intensity-modulated radiotherapies for hepatocellular carcinomaKim D.W.; Chung K.; Chung W.K.; Bae S.H.; Shin D.O.; Hong S.; Park S.H.; Park S.-Y. ; Hong C.-S.; Lim Y.K.; Shin D.; Lee S.B.; Lee H.-H.; Sung J.; Yoon M.
2013Secondary neutron dose measurement for proton eye treatment using an eye snout with a borated neutron absorberKim D.W.; Chung W.K.; Shin J.; Lim Y.K.; Shin D.; Lee S.B.; Yoon M.; Park S.-Y. ; Shin D.O.; Cho J.K.
8-Jan-2018Smartphone integrated optoelectrowetting (SiOEW) for on-chip sample processing and microscopic detection of water qualityJiang, D. ; Lee S. ; BAE SUNG WOO ; Park, S.-Y.