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8-May-2017Division of Domestic Labour and the Lowest-Low Fertility in South KoreaErin Hye-Won Kim 
16-Jan-2019Does working long hours cause marital dissolution? Evidence from the reduction in South Korea's workweek standardErin Hye-Won Kim ; Changjun Lee
19-Oct-2017Does Working Long Hours Cause Marital Dissolution? Evidence from the Reduction in South Korea’s Workweek StandardErin Hye-Won Kim ; Changjun Lee 
26-Sep-2017Does Working Long Hours Cause Obesity? The Case of the Reduction in South Korea’s Standard WorkweekErin Hye-Won Kim ; Seoyeon Ahn; Young Kyung Do
1-Aug-2017Domestic Labor, Attitudes and Women’s Marital Satisfaction: A Longitudinal Study in KoreaAdam Ka-lok Cheung ; Erin Hye-Won Kim 
9-May-2018Low fertility and gender inequity in developed Asian countriesErin Hye-Won Kim 
1-Feb-2019The Division of Domestic Labor over Retirement among Older Couples in KoreaErin Hye-Won Kim ; Changjun Lee
8-May-2017The Effect of Adult Children’s Working Hours on Visits to Elderly Parents: Evidence from the Reduction in Korea’s Legal WorkweekErin Hye-Won Kim ; Changjun Lee ; Young Kyung Do 
5-Feb-2018The Effect of Income on Subjective Well-Being in Later Life: A Case Study of a Government Pension in South KoreaKim Hye Won Erin 
13-Feb-2018The Gendered Division of Household Labor over Parenthood Transitions: A Longitudinal Study in South KoreaKim Hye Won Erin ; Adam Ka-Lok Cheung