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2016Cops2 promotes pluripotency maintenance by Stabilizing Nanog Protein and Repressing TranscriptionZhang, W; Ni, P; Mou, C; Zhang, Y; Guo, H; Zhao, T; Loh, Y.-H ; Chen, L
2012Euchromatin islands in large heterochromatin domains are enriched for CTCF binding and differentially DNA-methylated regionsWen B.; Wu H.; Loh Y.-H. ; Briem E.; Daley G.Q.; Feinberg A.P.
2014Gene networks of fully connected triads with complete auto-activation enable multistability and stepwise stochastic transitionsFaucon P.C.; Pardee K.; Kumar R.M.; Li H.; Loh Y.-H. ; Wang X.
2018Global H3.3 dynamic deposition defines its bimodal role in cell fate transitionFang, H.-T; El Farran, C.A; Xing, Q.R; Zhang, L.-F; Li, H; Lim, B; Loh, Y.-H 
2014Human finger-prick induced pluripotent stem cells facilitate the development of stem cell bankingTan H.-K.; Toh C.-X.D.; Ma D. ; Yang B.; Liu T.M. ; Lu J.; Wong C.-W. ; Tan T.-K.; Li H.; Syn C. ; Tan E.-L. ; Lim B. ; Lim Y.-P. ; Cook S.A. ; Loh Y.-H. 
2015Induced pluripotency and gene editing in disease modelling: Perspectives and challengesSeah, Y.F.S; El Farran, C.A; Warrier, T; Xu, J ; Loh, Y.-H 
2016Reprogramming mouse fibroblasts into engraftable myeloerythroid and lymphoid progenitorsCheng, H; Ang, H.Y.-K; El Farran, C.A; Li, P; Fang, H.T; Liu, T.M; Kong, S.L; Chin, M.L; Ling, W.Y; Lim, E.K.H; Li, H; Huber, T; Loh, K.M; Loh, Y.-H ; Lim, B
2014Zfp322a Regulates Mouse ES Cell Pluripotency and Enhances Reprogramming EfficiencyMa H.; Ng H.M.; Teh X.; Li H.; Lee Y.H.; Chong Y.M.; Loh Y.H. ; Collins J.J.; Feng B.; Yang H.; Wu Q.