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2011A first generation microsatellite- and SNP-based linkage map of jatrophaWang C.M. ; Liu P.; Yi C.; Gu K.; Sun F.; Li L. ; Lo L.C. ; Liu X.; Feng F.; Lin G.; Cao S.; Hong Y. ; Yin Z. ; Yue G.H. 
2016Complete genome sequence of the African strain AXO1947 of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzaeHuguet-Tapia, J.C; Peng, Z; Yang, B; Yin, Z ; Liu, S; White, F.F
2015Development of marker-free transgenic Jatropha curcas producing curcin-deficient seeds through endosperm-specific RNAi-mediated gene silencingGu, K; Tian, D; Mao, H; Wu, L; Yin, Z 
2012Expression of fatty acid and lipid biosynthetic genes in developing endosperm of Jatropha curcasGu K.; Yi C.; Tian D.; Sangha J.S.; Hong Y. ; Yin Z. 
2014Marker-assisted breeding of Indonesia local rice variety Siputeh for semi-dwarf phonetype, good grain quality and disease resistance to bacterial blightLuo, Y; Zakaria, S; Basyah, B; Ma, T; Li, Z; Yang, J; Yin, Z 
2016Marker-assisted breeding of the rice restorer line Wanhui 6725 for disease resistance, submergence tolerance and aromatic fragranceLuo, Y; Ma, T; Zhang, A; Ong, K.H; Li, Z; Yang, J; Yin, Z 
2014Production of marker-free transgenic Jatropha curcas expressing hybrid Bacillus thuringiensis ?-endotoxin Cry1Ab/1Ac for resistance to larvae of tortrix moth (Archips micaceanus)Gu, K; Mao, H; Yin, Z 
2015TAL effectors and the executor R genesZhang, J; Yin, Z ; White, F