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2018A novel molecular rotor facilitates detection of p53-DNA interactions using the Fluorescent Intercalator Displacement AssayGoh, W.L; Lee, M.Y; Lim, T.X; Chua, J.S ; Brenner, S ; Ghadessy, F.J; Teo, Y.N
2012A trans-species missense SNP in Amhr2 is associated with sex determination in the tiger Pufferfish, Takifugu rubripes (Fugu)Kamiya T.; Kai W.; Tasumi S.; Oka A.; Matsunaga T.; Mizuno N.; Fujita M.; Suetake H.; Suzuki S.; Hosoya S.; Tohari S.; Brenner S. ; Miyadai T.; Venkatesh B. ; Suzuki Y.; Kikuchi K.
2009Characterization of the neurohypophysial hormone gene loci in elephant shark and the Japanese lamprey: Origin of the vertebrate neurohypophysial hormone genesGwee, P.-C; Tay, B.-H; Brenner, S ; Venkatesh, B 
2014Characterization of the runx gene family in a jawless vertebrate, the Japanese lamprey (lethenteron japonicum)Nah G.S.S. ; Tay B.-H.; Brenner S. ; Osato M. ; Venkatesh B. 
2008Early vertebrate chromosome duplications and the evolution of the neuropeptide Y receptor gene regionsLarsson, T.A; Olsson, F; Sundstrom, G; Lundin, L.-G; Brenner, S ; Venkatesh, B ; Larhammar, D
2012Evolution and Functional Characterisation of Melanopsins in a Deep-Sea Chimaera (Elephant Shark, Callorhinchus milii)Davies W.I.L.; Tay B.-H.; Zheng L.; Danks J.A.; Brenner S. ; Foster R.G.; Collin S.P.; Hankins M.W.; Venkatesh B. ; Hunt D.M.
2011Mouse transgenesis identifies conserved functional enhancers and cis-regulatory motif in the vertebrate LIM homeobox gene Lhx2 locusLee A.P.; Brenner S. ; Venkatesh B. 
2008Sequence and organization of coelacanth neurohypophysial hormone genes: Evolutionary history of the vertebrate neurohypophysial hormone gene locusGwee, P.-C; Amemiya, C.T; Brenner, S ; Venkatesh, B 
2013Sequencing of Pax6 Loci from the Elephant Shark Reveals a Family of Pax6 Genes in Vertebrate Genomes, Forged by Ancient Duplications and DivergencesRavi V.; Bhatia S.; Gautier P.; Loosli F.; Tay B.-H.; Tay A.; Murdoch E.; Coutinho P.; van Heyningen V.; Brenner S. ; Venkatesh B. ; Kleinjan D.A.
2009Short promoters in viral vectors drive selective expression in mammalian inhibitory neurons, but do not restrict activity to specific inhibitory cell-typesNathanson, J.L; Jappelli, R; Scheeff, E.D; Manning, G; Obata, K; Brenner, S ; Callaway, E.M
2007Survey sequencing and comparative analysis of the elephant shark (Callorhinchus milii) genomeVenkatesh B. ; Kirkness E.F.; Loh Y.-H.; Halpern A.L.; Lee A.P.; Johnson J.; Dandona N.; Viswanathan L.D.; Tay A.; Venter J.C.; Strausberg R.L.; Brenner S. 
2007TFCONES: A database of vertebrate transcription factor-encoding genes and their associated conserved noncoding elementsLee, A.P; Yang, Y; Brenner, S ; Venkatesh, B