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2008Antibodies targeting the PfRH1 binding domain inhibit invasion of Plasmodium falciparum merozoitesGao X.; Yeo K.P.; Aw S.S.; Kuss C.; Iyer J.K.; Genesan S.; Rajamanonmani R. ; Lescar J. ; Bozdech Z.; Preiser P.R.
2011Crystal structure and functional analysis of the SARS-coronavirus RNA cap 2′-o-methyltransferase nsp10/nsp16 complexDecroly E.; Debarnot C.; Ferron F.; Bouvet M.; Coutard B.; Imbert I.; Gluais L.; Papageorgiou N.; Sharff A.; Bricogne G.; Ortiz-Lombardia M.; Lescar J. ; Canard B.
2015Flexibility of NS5 methyltransferase-polymerase linker region is essential for dengue virus replicationZhao Y.; Soh T.S.; Chan K.W.K. ; Fung S.S.Y. ; Swaminathan K. ; Lim S.P. ; Shi P.-Y. ; Huber T.; Lescar J. ; Luo D.; Vasudevan S.G. 
2013Substrate Channel Flexibility in Pseudomonas aeruginosa MurB Accommodates Two Distinct SubstratesChen M.W.; Lohkamp B.; Schnell R.; Lescar J. ; Schneider G.
2011The hexamer structure of the Rift Valley fever virus nucleoprotein suggests a mechanism for its assembly into ribonucleoprotein complexesFerron F.; Li Z.; Danek E.I.; Luo D.; Wong Y.; Coutard B.; Lantez V.; Charrel R.; Canard B.; Walz T.; Lescar J. 
2010The N-terminal domain of the arenavirus L protein is an RNA endonuclease essential in mRNA transcriptionMorin B.; Coutard B.; Lelke M.; Ferron F.; Kerber R.; Jamal S.; Frangeul A.; Baronti C.; Charrel R.; de Lamballerie X.; Vonrhein C.; Lescar J. ; Bricogne G.; Günther S.; Canard B.