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30-Oct-2017Bioinspired Cell-Derived Nanovesicles versus Exosomes as Drug Delivery Systems: A Cost-Effective AlternativeGoh W.J.; Zou S.; Ong W.Y.; Torta F.; Alexandra A.F.; Schiffelers R.M.; Storm G.; Wang J.-W. ; Czarny B.; Pastorin G.
8-Jan-2018EXOPLEXs: Chimeric Drug Delivery Platform from the Fusion of Cell-Derived Nanovesicles and LiposomesGoh W.J.; Zou S.; Lee C.K.; Ou Y.-H.; Wang J.-W. ; Czarny B.; Pastorin G.
1-Jul-2019Extracellular Vesicles in Cardiovascular Diseases: Alternative Biomarker Sources, Therapeutic Agents, and Drug Delivery CarriersCHONG SUET YEN ; LEE CHOON KEONG ; Huang, Chenyuan; Ou, Yi Hsuan; CHARLES, CHRISTOPHER JOHN ; ARTHUR MARK RICHARDS ; Neupane, Yub Raj; Pavon, Maria Vazquez; ZHARKOVA, OLGA ; Pastorin,Giorgia ; WANG JIONGWEI 
19-Mar-2019In Vivo Generation of Post-infarct Human Cardiac Muscle by Laminin-Promoted Cardiovascular ProgenitorsYap, Lynn; Wang, Jiong-Wei ; Moreno-Moral, Aida ; Chong, Li Yen ; Sun, Yi; Harmston, Nathan ; Wang, Xiaoyuan ; Chong, Suet Yen ; Ohman, Miina K ; Wei, Heming ; Bunte, Ralph ; Gosh, Sujoy; Cook, Stuart ; Hovatta, Outi; de Kleijn, Dominique P; Petretto, Enrico ; Tryggvason, Karl 
2018LDL extracellular vesicle coagulation protein levels change after initiation of statin therapy. Findings from the METEOR trialVerbree-Willemsen L.; Zhang Y.-N. ; Gijsberts C.M. ; Schoneveld A.H.; Wang J.-W. ; Lam C.S.P. ; Vernooij F. ; Bots M.L.; Peelen L.M.; Grobbee D.E.; Raichlen J.S.; de Kleijn D.P.V. ; METEOR Study Group
23-Aug-2017Leukocytic toll-like receptor 2 deficiency preserves cardiac function and reduces fibrosis in sustained pressure overloadWang J.-W. ; Fontes M.S.C.; Wang X.; Chong S.Y.; Kessler E.L.; Zhang Y.-N.; De Haan J.J.; Arslan F.; De Jager S.C.A.; Timmers L.; Van Veen T.A.B.; Lam C.S.P.; Kleijn D.P.V.D.
10-Feb-2017Liposome encapsulated berberine treatment attenuates cardiac dysfunction after myocardial infarctionAllijn I.E.; Czarny B.M.S.; Wang X.; Chong S.Y.; Weiler M.; da Silva A.E.; Metselaar J.M.; Lam C.S.P.; Pastorin G.; de Kleijn D.P.V.; Storm G.; Wang J.-W. ; Schiffelers R.M.
29-Dec-2017Lowering Low-Density Lipoprotein Particles in Plasma Using Dextran Sulphate Co-Precipitates Procoagulant Extracellular VesiclesWANG JIONGWEI ; ZHANG YANAN ; Sze, Siu Kwan; van de Weg, Sander M; Vernooij, Flora; Schoneveld, Arjan H; TAN SOCK HWEE ; Versteeg, Henri H; Timmers, Leo; LAM SU PING,CAROLYN ; DOMINIQUE P.V. DE KLEIJN