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2017A preliminary assessment of the LMA protector™ in non-paralysed patientsSng, B.L ; Ithnin, F.B ; Mathur, D ; Lew, E ; Han, N.-L.R; Sia, A.T.-H 
2018Altered sensory insular connectivity in chronic postsurgical pain patientsChing, Y.Y; Wang, C; Tay, T ; Loke, Y.M ; Tang, P.H; Sng, B.L ; Zhou, J 
2018Development and validation of a predictive risk factor model for epidural re-siting in women undergoing labour epidural analgesia: A retrospective cohort studyLee, J.S.E; Sultana, R; Han, N.L.R; Sia, A.T.H ; Sng, B.L 
2-Nov-2014Feature extraction and classification for ultrasound images of lumbar spine with support vector machineTan, Kok Kiong ; Sng, Ban Leong ; Li, Shengjin; Sia, Alex Tiong Heng
2018Investigating determinants for patient satisfaction in women receiving epidural analgesia for labour pain: A retrospective cohort studyTan, D.J.A; Sultana, R; Han, N.L.R; Sia, A.T.H ; Sng, B.L 
2018Investigating factors associated with success of breastfeeding in first-time mothers undergoing epidural analgesia: A prospective cohort studyTan, D.J.A.; Lew, J.P.; Jumhasan, M.B.; Pang, C.; Sultana, R.; Sng, B.L. 
2017Supreme™ laryngeal mask airway use in general Anesthesia for category 2 and 3 Cesarean delivery: A prospective cohort studyLi, S.Y; Yao, W.Y; Yuan, Y.J; Tay, W.S; Han, N.-L.R; Sultana, R; Assam, P.N; Sia, A.T.-H ; Sng, B.L