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2003A consolidated methodology for business process reengineeringThong, J.Y.L.; Yap, C.-S. ; Seah, K.L.
1997An impact evaluation of the small enterprise computerisation programme in SingaporeYap, C.-S. ; Thong, J.Y.L. 
Aug-1995CEO characteristics, organizational characteristics and information technology adoption in small businessesThong, J.Y.L. ; Yap, C.S. 
Feb-1990Distinguishing characteristics of organizations using computersYap, C.S. 
Sep-1994Engagement of external expertise in information systems implementationThong, J.Y.L. ; Yap, C.-S. ; Raman, K.S. 
Jul-1996Entrepreneurship, flexibility, and policy coordination: Taiwan's Computer IndustryKraemer, K.L.; Dedrick, J.; Hwang, C.-Y.; Tu, T.-C.; Yap, C.-S. 
1997Environments for information systems implementation in small businessesThong, J.Y.L.; Yap, C.-S. ; Raman, K.S. 
1990Factors associated with attitudes towards telecommutingYap, C.S. ; Tng, H. 
1992Impact of consultants on computerization success in small businessesSoh, C.P.P. ; Yap, C.S. ; Raman, K.S. 
2000Information systems and occupational stress: A theoretical frameworkThong, J.Y.L.; Yap, C.-S. 
Sep-1996Information systems effectiveness: A user satisfaction approachThong, J.Y.L. ; Yap, C.-S. 
1994Institutional factors in information technology innovationKing, J.L.; Gurbaxani, V.; Kraemer, K.L.; McFarlan, F.W.; Raman, K.S. ; Yap, C.S. 
Jun-1997Programme evaluation of a government information technology programme for small businessesYap, C.-S. ; Thong, J.Y.L.
10-Sep-1998Symbolic rule extraction from neural networks An application to identifying organizations adopting ITSetiono, R. ; Thong, J.Y.L.; Yap, C.-S. 
Jun-1998Testing an ethical decision-making theory: The case of softliftingThong, J.Y.L. ; Yap, C.-S. 
1993Top management support in small business information systems implementation: how important is it?Thong, James Y.L. ; Yap, Chee-Sing ; Raman, K.S. 
Jun-1996Top Management Support, External Expertise and Information Systems Implementation in Small BusinessesThong, J.Y.L. ; Yap, C.-S. ; Raman, K.S.