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19-Sep-2012All entangled pure states violate a single Bell's inequalityYu, S. ; Chen, Q. ; Zhang, C. ; Lai, C.H. ; Oh, C.H. 
4-Nov-2013Detecting and estimating continuous-variable entanglement by local orthogonal observablesZhang, C. ; Yu, S. ; Chen, Q.; Oh, C.H. 
29-Sep-2011Detecting the quantum discord of an unknown state by a single observableZhang, C. ; Yu, S. ; Chen, Q. ; Oh, C.H. 
23-Sep-2010Detection of bound entanglement in continuous-variable systemsZhang, C.-J. ; Nha, H.; Zhang, Y.-S.; Guo, G.-C.
20-Jan-2014Linearity of quantum probability measure and hardy's modelFujikawa, K.; Oh, C.H. ; Zhang, C. 
13-Dec-2010Negative entanglement measure for bipartite separable mixed statesZhang, C.-J. ; Han, Y.-J.; Zhang, Y.-S.; Wu, Y.-C.; Zhou, X.-F.; Guo, G.-C.
21-Nov-2011Observable estimation of entanglement of formation and quantum discord for bipartite mixed quantum statesZhang, C. ; Yu, S. ; Chen, Q. ; Oh, C.H. 
13-Feb-2013Preservation of quantum correlation between separated nitrogen-vacancy centers embedded in photonic-crystal cavitiesYang, W.L. ; An, J.-H. ; Zhang, C. ; Feng, M.; Oh, C.H. 
2012Quantum discord of a three-qubit W-class state in noisy environmentsGuo, H.; Liu, J.-M. ; Zhang, C.-J. ; Oh, C.H. 
6-Oct-2011Quantum discord of two-qubit X statesChen, Q. ; Zhang, C. ; Yu, S. ; Yi, X.X. ; Oh, C.H. 
10-Apr-2014Test of genuine multipartite nonlocality without inequalitiesChen, Q. ; Yu, S. ; Zhang, C. ; Lai, C.H.; Oh, C.H.