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1999Information and liquidity effects of government approved stock investmentsLim, K.-G. ; Wong, K.-A. ; Yeo, W.-Y.; Wong, S.-C.
2000Intermarket timing in equity investments: Hong Kong versus SingaporeWong, K.A. ; Tai, L.S.
Aug-2003Is there information content in insider trades in the Singapore Exchange?Wong, Kie Ann ; Sequeira, John M. ; Fong, Soo Mei
Mar-2004Life insurance purchases in China : trends and determinantsChen, Renbao ; Wong, Kie Ann ; Li, Fei
1990Market values, earnings' yields and stock returns. Evidence from SingaporeWong, K.A. ; Lye, M.S.
2005Modelling the information content in insider trades in the Singapore exchangeAnn, W.K. ; Sequeira, J.M. ; McAleer, M.
Feb-1996Stock market reactions to pending shifts in liquidity : additional evidence for price pressuresLim, Ghee Soon ; Wong, Kie Ann ; Chew, Lily
2006The cross-section of stock returns on the Shanghai stock exchangeWong, K.A. ; Tan, R.S.K.; Liu, W.
2004The determinants of financial health of Asian insurance companiesChen, R. ; Wong, K.A. 
Mar-2004The impact of Asian Financial Crisis on Asian insurers' performanceChen, Renbao ; Wong, Kie Ann ; Yu, Hui Ping
1999The information environment of China's A and B shares: Can we make sense of the numbers?Rashad Abdel-khalik, A.; Wong, K.A. ; Wu, A.
1999The weekday effect on the Shanghai stock exchangeWong, K.A. ; Chen, R. ; Shang, X.