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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A Geometrical Approach for Automatic Shape Restoration of the Left VentricleTan M.-L.; Su Y.; Lim C.-W.; Selvaraj S.K.; Zhong L. ; Tan R.-S. 
2018Application of patient-specific computational fluid dynamics in coronary and intra-cardiac flow simulations: Challenges and opportunitiesZhong, L ; Zhang, J.-M ; Su, B; Tan, R.S ; Allen, J.C ; Kassab, G.S
2017Assessing right ventricular function in pulmonary hypertension patients and the correlation with the New York Heart Association (NYHA) classificationShang, X; Xiao, S; Dong, N; Lu, R; Wang, L; Wang, B; Chen, Y; Zhong, L ; Liu, M
2014Assessment of left ventricular preload by cardiac magnetic resonance imaging predicts exercise capacity in adult operated tetralogy of Fallot: A retrospective studyYap J.; Le Tan J. ; Le T.T. ; Gao F. ; Zhong L. ; Liew R. ; Tan S.Y. ; Tan R.S. 
2014Automatic 4D reconstruction of patient-specific cardiac mesh with 1-to-1 vertex correspondence from segmented contours linesLim C.W.; Su Y.; Yeo S.Y.; Ng G.M.; Nguyen V.T.; Zhong L. ; Tan R.S. ; Poh K.K. ; Chai P. 
2014Automatic localization of the left ventricle from cardiac cine magnetic resonance imaging: A new spectrum-based computer-aided toolZhong L. ; Zhang J.-M. ; Zhao X.; Tan R.S. ; Wan M.
2015Coronary artery segmentation via Hessian filter and curve-skeleton extractionCui H; Wang D; Wan M; Zhang J.-M; Zhao X; Tan S.Y ; Wong A.S.L ; Tan R.S ; Huang W; Xiong W; Duan Y; Zhou J; Zhong L 
2016Correcting motion in multiplanar cardiac magnetic resonance imagesWan, M; Huang, W; Zhang, J.-M ; Zhao, X; Allen, J.C ; Tan, R.S ; Wan, X; Zhong, L 
2015Decreased left ventricular contractility and ventricular-arterial matching index correlation with n-terminal pro b-type natriuretic peptide in heart failureZhong L ; Wang Y.-J; Huang F.-Q; Ghista D; Tan R.-S 
2018Dissecting Clinical and Metabolomics Associations of Left Atrial Phasic Function by Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Feature TrackingKoh A.S. ; Gao F. ; Leng S.; Kovalik J.-P. ; Zhao X.; Tan R.S. ; Fridianto K.T. ; Ching J. ; Chua S.J.M.; Yuan J.-M. ; Koh W.-P.; Zhong L. 
2015Graph-cuts based reconstructing patient specific right ventricle: first human studyZhong, Liang ; Wan, Min; Su, Yi; Teo, Soo Kng; Lim, Chi Wan; Zhao, Xiodan; Zhang, Jun-Mei; Su, Bo Yang; Le Tan, Ju; TAN RU SAN 
2016Heart blood flow simulation: A perspective reviewDoost, S.N; Ghista, D; Su, B; Zhong, L ; Morsi, Y.S
2015Hemodynamic analysis of patient-specific coronary artery treeZhang, J.-M. ; Luo, T.; Tan, S.Y. ; Lomarda, A.M.; Wong, A.S.L. ; Keng, F.Y.J. ; Allen, J.C.; Huo, Y.; Su, B.; Zhao, X.; Wan, M.; Kassab, G.S.; Tan, R.S. ; Zhong, L. 
2016Hemodynamics in coronary arterial tree of serial stenosesChen X.; Gao Y.; Lu B.; Jia X.; Zhong L. ; Kassab G.S.; Tan W.; Huo Y.
2018Imaging 4D morphology and dynamics of mitral annulus in humans using cardiac cine MR feature trackingLeng, S; Zhang, S; Jiang, M; Zhao, X; Wu, R; Allen, J ; He, B; Tan, R.S ; Zhong, L 
2015Kinematic, dynamic, and energy characteristics of diastolic flow in the left ventricleKhalafvand, S.S; Hung, T.-K; Ng, E.Y.-K; Zhong, L 
2018Left ventricular wall stress is sensitive marker of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with preserved ejection fractionZhao, X; Tan, R.-S ; Tang, H.-C ; Teo, S.-K; Su, Y; Wan, M; Leng, S; Zhang, J.-M ; Allen, J ; Kassab, G.S; Zhong, L 
2018Normal values of myocardial deformation assessed by cardiovascular magnetic resonance feature tracking in a healthy Chinese population: A multicenter studyPeng, J; Zhao, X; Zhao, L; Fan, Z; Wang, Z; Chen, H; Leng, S; Allen, J ; Tan, R.-S ; Koh, A.S ; Ma, X; Lou, M; Zhong, L 
2014Numerical simulation and clinical implications of stenosis in coronary blood flowZhang J.-M.; Zhong L. ; Luo T.; Huo Y.; Tan S.Y. ; Wong A.S.L. ; Su B.; Wan M.; Zhao X.; Kassab G.S.; Lee H.P. ; Khoo B.C. ; Kang C.-W.; Ba T.; Tan R.S. 
2005Passive and active ventricular elastances of the left ventricleZhong, L ; Ghista, D.N; Ng, E.Y.K; Lim, S.T