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2014Adipocyte ALK7 links nutrient overload to catecholamine resistance in obesityGuo, T ; Marmol, P; Moliner, A ; Bj”rnholm, M; Zhang, C ; Shokat, K.M; Ibanez, C.F 
14-Feb-2020CD137 negatively affects "browning" of white adipose tissue during cold exposureRAJ KAMAL SRIVASTAVA ; ANNALENA IBANEZ MOLINER ; LEE EE SOO ; EMILY PAULINE NICKLES ; SIM WEILING EUNICE ; LIU CHANG ; SCHWARZ,HERBERT ; CARLOS F. IBANEZ 
2018Cell-autonomous role of GFR?1 in the development of olfactory bulb GABAergic interneuronsZechel, S; Fernandez-Suarez, D; Ibáñez, C.F 
27-Dec-2012Genetic Dissection of Neurotrophin Signaling through the p75 Neurotrophin ReceptorCharalampopoulos, I.; Vicario, A.; Pediaditakis, I.; Gravanis, A.; Simi, A.; Ibáñez, C.F. 
1-Dec-2020Inactive variants of death receptor p75(NTR) reduce Alzheimer's neuropathology by interfering with APP internalizationYI CHENJU ; GOH KET YIN ; WONG LIK WEI ; AJEENA RAMANUJAN ; KAZUHIRO TANAKA ; SAJI KUMAR SREEDHARAN ; CARLOS F. IBANEZ 
Feb-2013Structure and physiology of the RET receptor tyrosine kinaseIbáñez, C.F. 
2016Thalamo-cortical axons regulate the radial dispersion of neocortical GABAergic interneuronsZechel, S; Nakagawa, Y; Ibáñez, C.F 
2014Topographical transcriptome mapping of the mouse medial ganglionic eminence by spatially resolved RNA-seqZechel S.; Zajac P.; Lönnerberg P.; Ibáñez C.F. ; Linnarsson S.