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29-Dec-2005Architecture of a biocompatible supramolecular material by supersaturation-driven fabrication of its fiber networkLi, J.-L. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Wang, R.-Y. ; Xiong, J.-Y. 
28-Dec-2006Architecture of fiber network: From understanding to engineering of molecular gelsWang, R.-Y. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Narayanan, J. ; Xiong, J.-Y. ; Li, J.-L. 
21-Sep-2011Chiral assembly of gold nanorods with collective plasmonic circular dichroism responseWang, R.-Y. ; Wang, H. ; Wu, X.; Ji, Y.; Wang, P.; Qu, Y.; Chung, T.-S. 
14-Jan-2013Control of crystallization in supramolecular soft materials engineeringLi, J.-L. ; Yuan, B. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Wang, R.-Y. ; Wang, X.-G.
21-Jun-2011Controlling nanoparticle formation via sizable cages of supramolecular soft materialsLi, J.-L. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Wang, X.-G.; Wang, R.-Y. 
Aug-2006Kinetic studies of spherulitic crystallization in the gelation process of low molecular-mass organic gelatorWang, R. ; Liu, X.-Y. 
6-Jul-2011Kinetically controlled homogenization and transformation of crystalline fiber networks in supramolecular materialsLi, J.-L. ; Yuan, B. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Wang, X.-G.; Wang, R.-Y. 
16-Apr-2009Nanoengineering of a biocompatible organogel by thermal processingLi, J.-L. ; Wang, R.-Y. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Pan, H.-H. 
13-Apr-2006Real-time observation of fiber network formation in molecular organogel: Supersaturation-dependent microstructure and its related rheological propertyWang, R. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Xiong, J. ; Li, J. 
2006Understanding of hydrogel network formation and its application in the architecture of significantly enhanced hydrogelXiong, J.Y. ; Liu, X.Y. ; Li, J.L. ; Narayanan, J. ; Wang, R.Y.