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11-Nov-2004A surface chemistry route to molybdenum sulfide and germanide films using the single-source precursor tetrakis(diethylaminodithiocarbomato)molybdate(IV)Ouyang, T.; Loh, K.P. ; Zhang, H. ; Vittal, J.J. ; Vetrichelvan, M. ; Chen, W. ; Gao, X. ; Wee, A.T.S. 
Mar-2003Ab initio studies of borazine and benzene cyclacenesYang, S.W. ; Zhang, H. ; Soon, J.M.; Lim, C.W.; Wu, P.; Loh, Kian Ping 
Mar-2005Biosensing properties of nanocrystalline diamond film grown on polycrystalline diamond electrodesSiew, P.S.; Loh, K.P. ; Poh, W.C.; Zhang, H. 
Apr-2004Ferromagnetic dot encapsulated Boron Nitride nano-structured arraysZhang, H. ; Loh, K.P. ; Chen, W. ; Tan, C.K. ; Koh, Y.W.; Sow, C.H. ; Lim, C.W.
2014Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) as a broadband saturable absorber for ultra-fast photonicsZhang, H. ; Lu, S.B.; Zheng, J.; Du, J.; Wen, S.C.; Tang, D.Y.; Loh, K.P. 
Mar-2005Plasma synthesis of well-aligned carbon nanoconesTan, C.K. ; Loh, K.P. ; Thong, J.T.L. ; Sow, C.H. ; Zhang, H. 
2018Prd1 associates with the clathrin adaptor ?-Adaptin and the kinesin-3 Imac/Unc-104 to govern dendrite pruning in DrosophilaZong W.; Wang Y. ; Tang Q.; Zhang H. ; Yu F. 
3-Aug-2004Surface modification studies of edge-oriented molybdenum sulfide nanosheetsZhang, H. ; Loh, K.P. ; Sow, C.H. ; Gu, H.; Su, X.; Huang, C.; Chen, Z.K.
26-Feb-2006Templated deposition of MoS2 nanotubules using single source precursor and studies of their optical limiting propertiesLoh, K.P. ; Zhang, H. ; Chen, W.Z. ; Ji, W.