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Jul-2012Bank loans vs. Trade credit;Evidence from ChinaDu, J.; Lu, Y. ; Tao, Z.
Feb-2012Contracting institutions and vertical integration: Evidence from China's manufacturing firmsDu, J.; Lu, Y. ; Tao, Z.
Jun-2012Do domestic and foreign exporters differ in learning by exporting? Evidence from ChinaDu, J.; Lu, Y. ; Tao, Z.; Yu, L.
Dec-2012Do Imports Spur Incremental Innovation in the South?Lu, Y. ; Ng, T.
Jul-2010Exporting behavior of foreign affiliates: Theory and evidenceLu, J.; Lu, Y. ; Tao, Z.
Nov-2013How do exporters respond to antidumping investigations?Lu, Y. ; Tao, Z.; Zhang, Y.
2013Import competition and skill content in U.S. Manufacturing industriesLu, Y. ; Ng, T.
Jan-2012Industrial agglomeration and firm size: Evidence from ChinaLi, D.; Lu, Y. ; Wu, M.
Jun-2012Institutions and FDI location choice: The role of cultural distancesDu, J.; Lu, Y. ; Tao, Z.
2015Once an enemy, forever an enemy? The long-run impact of the Japanese invasion of China from 1937 to 1945 on trade and investmentChe Yi; Du Julan; Lu Yi ; Tao Zhigang
Mar-2012Outsourcing, Product Quality, and Contract EnforcementLu, Y. ; Ng, T.; Tao, Z.
Apr-2011Political connections and trade expansion: Evidence from Chinese private firms Lu Political Connections and Trade ExpansionLu, Y. 
1-Sep-2014Pure exporter: Theory and evidence from ChinaLu, J.; Lu, Y. ; Tao, Z.
May-2010Tacit collusion with price-matching punishmentsLu, Y. ; Wright, J.
1-Jul-2018The effect of teacher gender on students’ academic and noncognitive outcomesGong, J ; Lu, Y ; Song, H
Feb-2013The impact of income on democracy revisitedChe, Y.; Lu, Y. ; Tao, Z.; Wang, P.